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Affinity Groups

You belong at MSU Denver

MSU Denver considers Affinity Groups to be an essential component that connects various members of the workforce with each other and with the University. Therefore, an inherent element of the mission of an Affinity Group is to promote the welfare of MSU Denver and its purpose.

Affinity Groups are voluntary associations of people who have common interests. Affinity Groups play a vital role in articulating, promoting and supporting the needs and goals of their various communities and organizations. Their primary focus is to develop and improve the campus climate by increasing the presence of diverse faculty and staff. The groups can assist the organization with the recruitment, retention, and promotion of top diverse talent. In addition, they can help increase morale, provide insights into diverse areas, build bridges to the community and empower members.

Currently, MSU Denver has two identity-based Affinity Groups, the African American Affairs Council and Latino/a Faculty and Staff Association. The Office of Diversity and Inclusion supports these groups in promoting a sense of belonging and providing a sense of community for our employees. We encourage the formation of new affinity groups and would like to support any employees that are looking to start a new group. Please reach out to the Office of Diversity and Inclusion for any support that you may need.

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