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2013 Employee Campus Climate Survey


Letter from President Jordan: 


Dear Colleagues,

In 2010, MSU Denver conducted its first Employee Campus Climate Survey in many years. It was a groundbreaking move for the institution as a workplace, allowing the University to become part of The Chronicle of Higher Education’s annual Great Colleges to Work For survey. After Spring Break we’ll survey 4,000 students on their experience at the University.  More to come on that later. 

Stephen M. Jordan, Ph.D.
     Stephen M. Jordan, Ph.D.

There were many positive aspects to that first employee survey. For instance, the full-time employee participation rate was 43 percent—a phenomenal rate. Even more impressive, 95 percent of the participants said they had pride in our‌ institution. That was the highest rate ever seen in the Chronicle survey!‌‌

The Chronicle’s assessment measured institutional performance in 12 categories such as Collaborative Governance, Respect and Appreciation, and Diversity.

While there were areas of concern such as faculty and staff input, fairness, more inclusive communication processes and effective leadership, the positives outweighed these issues and we received the Chronicle ranking of a Good College to Work For.

Most importantly, though, we did not just let the results sit on a shelf somewhere. No, we heard you and made some significant changes based on what you told us. We established the Ombuds Office, developed a new performance evaluation instrument that uses a 360 evaluation and instituted supervisory training. We even started holding Coffee Chats with me and with Provost Vicki Golich to give you an opportunity to ask us questions and join in an informal conversation with a few of your colleagues.

The results also served as a road map for our 2012-17 Strategic Plan: A Time of Transformation, particularly in two of the plan’s four themes: Institutional Culture and Institutional Resources.

Now it’s time to see how far we’ve come. I ask everyone to please participate in the 2013 Employee Campus Climate Survey, which will be held March 11-17. Once again, it will be conducted by the management consulting firm ModernThink. You’ll receive an email from them. And I promise you, as I did before, that this is an entirely confidential online survey, so please do not hesitate to participate.

My hope is that this time we will attain the rank of a Great College to Work For. But whether we do or not, I assure you that your voice will once again be heard.


Stephen M. Jordan, Ph.D.

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