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Recognizing MSU Denver excellence on and off campus

The Distinguished Service Award (DSA) was established in 1977 to recognize employees who have provided exceptional service to the MSU Denver community and its mission in the following general areas:

  1. Longevity - service on a permanent basis over a period of at least 10 years.
  2. Breadth - high quality contributions over the years.
  3. Significance – motivated by dedication and commitment to Metropolitan State University of Denver.


A nominee for this award should have performed services in several of these areas. Greater weight is given to work that directly supports the mission of MSU Denver.

  1. Contributions to students, faculty, and/or staff.
  2. Contributions to department, school, administrative units, and/or University.
  3. Innovative curriculum, program, and/or management development, special contributions.
  4. Professional achievements, awards, recognition.
  5. Work with various campus groups, state/national groups, official appointment on any level, and/or community involvement as a representative of MSU Denver.
  6. Other criteria that demonstrates distinguished service.


Up to five awards can be given each year; the Distinguished Service Awards for classified staff, administrator and faculty; and the Extraordinary Service Award. There is no minimum and the DSA Committee does not have to issue any or all awards for a given year. In addition, the President's Award is hand selected by the President of the University on a year to year basis.

  1. Classified Staff Distinguished Service Award
  2. Administrator Distinguished Service Award
  3. Faculty Distinguished Service Award
  4. Extraordinary Service Award
  5. President's Award


There shall be a maximum of five individuals who receive the awards. There is no minimum and the DSA Committee does not have to issue any or all of these awards for a given year.


Award recipients are recognized at the Faculty and Staff Appreciation event and receive a $2,000 stipend.


To be eligible for the award, individuals must be current employees of the University with a minimum of 10 years of service and must not have previously received one of these honors. The nominee must be currently serving in the employee category for which they are nominated and have served in the capacity for a minimum of three years. However, individuals may be nominated in a former employee category for up to one year after they change categories.


Submissions should include a letter of nomination and two additional letters of support.  


The following criteria shall guide the DSA Committee in the selection of the individuals for the DSA and for the recommendation to the President of the University.

  1. Demonstrated dedication to the University.
  2. Demonstrated excellence in carrying out their job responsibilities.
  3. Demonstrated service to the University.

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