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Frequently Asked Questions

The questions listed below are often asked by faculty who are using Digital Measures to prepare their Portfolios or Sabbatical Leave Applications or by the reviewers of these documents.  For more detailed information, please see the Faculty Resources page which has links to numerous tutorials written specifically for the various users of Digital Measures.

What should I do if I'm having difficulty logging on to Digital Measures?

Make sure you are using the correct password. If you have recently reset your password, you need to use your new password. The password for logging on to Digital Measures is the same password you use to log on to your MSU Denver computer. 

Make sure you are only entering your username for the MSU Denver NetID. Do NOT include "", or "winad\" or "admin\".

If you are still having problems logging on to Digital Measures, go to to enter a service request.

When will my Yearly Data and/or Scheduled Teaching data for the current or future semesters be imported into Digital Measures?
Yearly Data and Scheduled Teaching data will be imported into Digital Measures after the end of each semester. The import process will begin after the official date that grades are due from faculty (according to the Academic Calendar) and takes up to 10 working days to be completed. Then, after the faculty evaluation data is finalized by the Office of Institutional Research (OIR), the Scheduled Teaching data will be updated with faculty Student Ratings of Instruction (SRI) data. This process may take up to 3 weeks to be completed.
Should my Yearly Data and Scheduled Teaching information include all the years I've taught at MSU Denver?
The Yearly Data and Scheduled Teaching information that is imported into Digital Measures from Banner only goes back to the 2005-2006 academic year. 
The student evaluation scores listed on the "Student Ratings of Instruction" screen cannot be differentiated by individual course. Where are the SRIs for the various courses I've taught?

The SRIs and Official Student Comments for individual course sections are listed in your Portfolio. To run your Portfolio in Digital Measures:

  1. Click the Run Custom Reports link on the Left Navigation Bar.
  2. Select Portfolio from the drop-down list of reports.
  3. Click the SELECT REPORT button.
  4. Click the BUILD REPORT button.
  5. After running the Portfolio, you may open it or save it to your computer (e.g., to “My Documents” or to a flash drive).
How do I open a hyperlinked file in a report saved as a Microsoft Word document using Digital Measures? I can open the hyperlinked file when the report is saved as a PDF but not as Word document.
Right-click the hyperlink and select the Open Hyperlink option from the menu. If you are not logged into a computer that is connected to the MSU Denver network, you will be prompted twice for your login credentials. You should use the username and password that you use to login to your computer that is located at Metro.
I am trying to download a file that I stored in Digital Measures, but I can't get it to open when I click the link for it. I even tried to right-click on the file name and select Save Target As from the drop-down menu, but it doesn't seem to be picking up the file. What should I do?
It may be the browser you are using.  If you are using Internet Explorer 7, we have noticed a problem with it downloading files stored in Digital Measures.  You could try using Firefox ( as your browser or upgrading your version of Internet Explorer from 7 to the latest version ( 
I am trying to upload a file to Digital Measures, but it never actually uploads.

Digital Measures will not allow you to upload a file that is larger than 50MB. If you would like to link to a file that is larger that 50MB (i.e., audio or video files) that is accessible on the web or that you have stored in Kaltura, you can create an HTML page or Microsoft Word document that contains a link to the file (web) or the embed code (Kaltura). You can then upload the HTML file or Word document to Digital Measures where you would have uploaded the audio or video file.

If the file is under 50MB, it may be the browser you are using.  If you are using the Safari browser, we have noticed a problem with it uploading files to Digital Measures. Try using Firefox ( or Internet Explorer ( as your browser when using Digital Measures.

I am attempting to access a PowerPoint file by clicking on a hyperlink that is within a report generated using Digital Measures (e.g., Portfolio, Sabbatical Leave Application). However, the file will not open even though I have been able to access other files using the hyperlinks within the report.
When attempting to open a PowerPoint (.ppt or .pptx) file using a hyperlink within a Digital Measures report, sometimes a dialog box that is waiting for you to enter your credentials (to have access to the file) is displayed behind the Microsoft Word display window.  To access the dialog box, hold down the Alt (option) button on your keyboard and then click the Tab button to scroll through the various windows you currently have open on your computer. After you have accessed the dialog box, you should use the username and password that you use to login to your computer that is located at Metro. The only difference is that you will need to add “admin\” before your username (e.g., admin\yourusername). For detailed instructions about opening files using the hyperlinks within Digital Measures reports, please see the Accessing Files Using Digital Measures Reports - ADMIN tutorial on the Faculty Resources page.
All of the hyperlinks in the report that I ran using Digital Measures (e.g., Portfolio, Sabbatical Leave Application) are broken.  How did this happen?
When you run a report using Digital Measures, it is best to leave the file in the original file format.  For example, if you run the report as a Word document, saving it as a PDF will break all of the hyperlinks.  Additionally, when using a Mac computer, if the file is in a Rich Text Format (.rtf) and you save it as a Word document (.doc or .docx) all of the hyperlinks will break. To fix the issue, re-run the report and save it to your computer leaving it in the original file format.
How do I run my Portfolio report so it will be formatted for my specific year of review?

You will need to designate which annual review year you are completing by performing the following steps:

  1. Click the Portfolio and Narrative Submission link on the Activities Database Main Menu.
  2. Click the ADD A NEW ITEM button to create the Portfolio and Narrative Submission screen item for your current review year.
    • Note: If you already created a Portfolio and Narrative Submission screen item for this review year, you should see it listed under the Items added to and Narrative Submission heading. To edit it, click the pencil icon under the EDIT heading to re-open it.
  3. Under the Section I heading, complete Step 1:
    • Enter the date your Portfolio is due in the Date Due - Portfolio field.
    • Select the Type of Review (Year 1, Year 2, etc.).
  4. Click the SAVE AND RETURN button to save the Portfolio and Narrative Submission screen item.
  5. Click the Run Custom Reports tab on the Left Navigation Bar to run your Portfolio report. Note: For information about how to your Portfolio in Digital Measures, please review the MSU Denver Digital Measures User's Guide for Portfolio Preparation.
I ran my Portfolio report in Digital Measures, but only some of the information that I input is included on it. Why isn't all of my data included on my Portfolio?
When you run reports in Digital Measures, you need to select a large enough date range (in step 2) to have all of your data included on the reports.  You should select a Start Date that encompasses the information as far back as you want to report and an End Date that is as far into the future as you would like to report. For example, if you want to include data as far back as 1995, then select the year 1995 from the Start Date drop-down menu. Similarly, if you have written books and/or articles that will be published in 2014, and you want to include them on your Portfolio, select the year 2014 from the End Date drop-down list.
I'm told I must put together a reflective statement about my personal growth and accomplishments in the three performance areas: Teaching, Scholarly Activities, and Service. Where do I input those in Digital Measures?
The Narrative is the discussion of your teaching, scholarly activities, and service. You will use the Portfolio and Narrative Submission Screen to upload your Narrative file. After you create your Narrative, you may upload it into Digital Measures in any file format you wish. Word or PDF would be the file types accessible for most reviewers to read.  Note: For more information about how to write your Narrative, please review the "Guidebook for Portfolio Preparation" on the Academic and Student Affairs website or contact the Center for Faculty Development. For information about where to input certain types of activities in Digital Measures, please review the information provided for faculty who are preparing a Portfolio on the Faculty Resources page.
I'm using a Mac computer and having problems opening the files via the hyperlinks in the reports generated using Digital Measures. 

If you are using a Mac computer, you will want to ensure that the following software is at the latest version listed below and that you have all of the software below installed:

• Safari 6.0 or Firefox 15
• Microsoft Word 14.2.3 or higher
• Acrobat Reader (current version)

*** Please contact the Technology Services Helpdesk at 303-352-7548 if you need assistance with updating or installing the software listed above. ***

Note: When attempting to open a PDF file, if it opens and displays as unreadable symbols, click on the URL address bar to activate it and then click the Enter or Return key. The document should then display properly. If that does not solve the problem, you may try using Firefox as your default browser. 

The information I added via the "Service - Department" screen are not displaying in chronological order on my Portfolio. How do I make them display correctly? 
The service activities will display in chronological order based on the End Date, so you will need to add a date to the End Date field for each service activity in order to have the list display in the correct order. If you are still involved in a service activity, simply leave the End Date field blank, and the items will display at the top of the list with the date in this format: (year - Present) e.g., (2007 - Present). 
What is the primary difference between the information that I enter via the "Professional Memberships" screen and the "Service - Professional" screen? 
There could be overlap in the information for the two screens. Think of the Professional Membership screen as the area to list the organizations that you belong to. The Service - Professional screen would list involvement related to your profession.  For example, if you belong to a number of profession organizations, but you do not do much more than occasionally attend a meeting, you could list them within the Professional Membership screen. For the organizations that you may be involved with at the local chapter, serve on the board, organized activities, etc., could be listed within the Service - Professional screen. 
Several materials that I would like to include as "Additional Materials for Review" for my Portfolio do not have the option next to the file upload to designate them as such. 
The screens that have an option to list multiple Collaborators/Investigators/Authors/Presenters (i.e., “Research in Progress”, “Presentations”, “Intellectual Contributions”) are slightly different than other screens when designating a file as an "Additional Portfolio Material." Whenever there is an option to list multiple contributors, the "Include in Portfolio Additional Materials?" drop-down list that allows you to designate the Item number for the file is in the data entry box with each contributor's name. This allows different faculty to give the same file a different Item number within their respective "Additional Materials for Review."
I added my new textbook to the Intellectual Contributions screen, but it doesn't show up under Publications when I run a Portfolio Report. 
You will need to select either "Published" or "Accepted" from the drop-down menu for the Current Status field. 
I've been told that we are to upload the Portfolio that we are submitting onto the Portfolio and Narrative Submission screen, but when I do this it doesn't display on the reports I run. 
You should upload your final Portfolio onto the Portfolio and Narrative Submission screen item that you create for your current review year. However, a link to your Portfolio Report will not display on the reports you run. A link is not necessary, because the evaluators will access your Portfolio from either the Departmental Portfolio Review Report or Summative Portfolio Review Report that will be sent to them. 
Why is there no explicit mention of the advising load in the Portfolio even though I explicitly enter the information? 
The only way academic advising shows up is if you want to include it as an Additional Item for Review. It is not a Vita item, nor is it one of the required items to be included in the Portfolio, so that's why it doesn't display on the reports. 
I recently moderated a presentation of a panel of faculty. One of them put the presentation into DM and kindly listed us all as co-presenters. However, now that one of us has put in annotations and an uploaded file, her comments and upload are showing up for everyone. How can we each have separate annotations and file uploads? 

For all of the screens that have an area for adding multiple collaborators (e.g., Intellectual Contributions, Presentations) the annotation and uploaded files are shared by all of the collaborators.

However, if you would like to have a separate file you could upload another file to the screen item (by selecting the ADD button located under the "Portfolio Additional Materials" store file box and uploading the file).  Then, whenever you run your Portfolio report, a hyperlink to the added file will be included. Then, when you are ready to run your final “Portfolio” report, you could run it a Word document and save it to your computer (or USB drive).  You could then edit the annotation, remove the hyperlink to any files you don’t want included, and re-save the file.  This would then be the Portfolio file that you would submit to your “Portfolio and Narrative Submission” screen item that you created for the current review year.

If you do not want a specific entry to display on the various collaborators' list of activities in DM, rather than selecting their names from the drop-down list of collaborators, manually enter their names in the text entry boxes.




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