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Be engaged. Contribute your input. Support the student experience. Make an impact at MSU Denver!

Student Input Panel (SIP)

What? As the name implies, the Student Input Panel (SIP) is a mechanism for students to engage in conversation with key University leaders (the Associate Vice President for Student Engagement & Wellness/Dean of Students and the Associate Vice President for Enrollment Services) about a variety of topics impacting the MSU Denver student experience and ultimately to provide input to those leaders. We are interested in taking the pulse of the student body and understanding the dynamic and diverse factors that help students stay the course and meet their goals at the University.

Why? Although we have a few existing mechanisms for students to share feedback with the University, we are interested in ensuring that initiatives under our purview and the decisions that we make which impact MSU Denver students are informed by the experiences of current MSU Denver students. In short, we take our job as student-center leaders to heart, and want to factor in the diverse perspectives of students as we work to improve the University and support students on their path to graduation. 

How? The SIP will gather periodically (no more than monthly) over the course of the academic year for 1 ½ to 2 hour meetings—depending on the group’s schedule/preferences these may be over a meal (her treat). The format will be casual and conversational. The Associate Vice Presidents may have a few conversation starters to get the discussion going, but will be excited to hear from students with their ideas and new topics too.

Who? To best reflect the student body at MSU Denver, the SIP will be comprised of a diverse group of students—across different academic programs, from different walks of life, and who hold different social identities.

What this is not.  Note that in this format University leaders are most interested in discussing broad trends and issues impacting students; rather than resolving a particular student’s issue. Although your personal experiences may certainly contribute to the conversation in meaningful ways, this is not the right venue to voice a specific concern and expect to get recourse (though we can help with that too- see student complaint/appeals for guidance in that area). 

What’s in it for me? In addition to a cup of coffee or a meal on the Associate Vice Presidents every so often, the SIP provides an opportunity to provide meaningful feedback to help improve the MSU Denver community and student experience. For this reason, participation on the SIP may be particularly appealing for students intending to pursue a career in public administration or policy, education, community organizing/building, or generally in the helping professions- though certainly students with unrelated career aspirations could also find the experience of value and would be welcomed. You may also expect to develop a rapport with key University administrators, have your voice heard, and otherwise dabble in University leadership—with very little commitment on your end. If selected, you’ll simply show up for the conversations as scheduled and talk. That’s it. No homework- promise! 

Nominate Yourself or a student today using the forms here: 

Student Self-Nomination Form

Nominate a student (for faculty, staff, and student use to nominate someone else) 

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