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MSU Denver's Student Code of Conduct & Academic Responsibilities


MSU Denver students are expected to uphold their academic responsibilities, which are about following academic integrity standards. These standards encompass many things including, but not limited to:

  • plagiarism

  • cheating

  • unauthorized assistance

  • outsourcing assignments and exams

  • fabrication

  • facilitating academic dishonesty for others 


Academic integrity, when violated, is also known as academic dishonesty and academic misconduct. 

If you are a student, faculty, or staff member, please select the links below to learn more about academic integrity standards, the academic conduct process, and to file a report regarding an academic integrity violation. 

To see an overview of the academic misconduct process, click here: MSU Denver Academic Misconduct Process .

MSU Denver Statement on Academic Integrity

"As students, faculty, staff and administrators of Metropolitan State University of Denver, it is our responsibility to uphold and maintain an academic environment that furthers scholarly inquiry, creative activity and the application of knowledge.  We will not tolerate academic dishonesty.  We will demonstrate honesty and integrity in all activities related to our learning and scholarship.  We will not plagiarize, fabricate information or data, cheat on tests or exams, steal academic material, or submit work to more than one class without full disclosure."

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