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The responsibility of Student Conduct is to administer the conduct system for MSU Denver by implementing the Student Code of Conduct.

Student Conduct does this by:

  • Assisting in the development and education of students
  • Supporting the rights of and striving for the equitable treatment of every member of the University community
  • Helping to maintain the orderly conduct of Universty activities
  • Encouraging students to treat one another with dignity and respect
  • Promoting the University's expectations of students
  • Encouraging the use of critical thinking
  • Creating a means of identifying and tracking repeated incidents of individuals
  • Presenting programs and serving as a resource
  • Giving members of the MSU Denver community an opportunity for involvement in the conduct process.

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Reporting an incident involving student behavior. 

Any member of the campus community can make a report if they have information that a student's behavior may have been in violation of the . Reports are taken through an online incident report form.   File a Report

In an Emergency that requires immediate attention--crimes in progress, fire, life threatening behavior—please contact the police immediately by dialing 911. Note that the Auraria Police Department can be reached by dialing 303-556-5000 from a cell phone or by dialing 911 from any Auraria Campus phone. 

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Roadrunner Food Pantry


The food pantry located in Tivoli 262 is currently closed until further notice due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, please check out the Student Care Center website for additional resources for food assistance. 

If you have questions about open hours or services, please call us at 303-615-0006 or email