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Roadrunner Food Pantry Information for Students

Where is the Roadrunner Food Pantry located?

The Roadrunner Food Pantry is located on the second floor of the Tivoli Student Union in Room 262.

Do I qualify? 

If you are a currently registered MSU Denver student, yes! The only requirement to receive food from the Roadrunner Food Pantry is a valid MSU Denver student ID (must present your ID during each visit to the food pantry).

Great, how do I sign-up?

All first-time visitors to the Roadrunner Food Pantry must fill out this one-time online form.

How much food is available to me? 

The Roadrunner Food Pantry works on a point-based system. Each item is assigned a point value. For example, a can of food that is 15 oz. or less generally has a point value of one (1). Larger items that may include more than one serving size, such as a bag of dried pasta or cereal, may be more points. Signs posted in the Roadrunner Food Pantry indicate the point values of different items and the Food Pantry Coordinators are happy to help you determine the value. Generally students may have up to 10 points worth of food per week, with two (2) additional personal care items and four (4) fridge/freezer items. Please note the Roadrunner Food Pantry is stocked on a donation basis, so food options will vary. 

Roadrunner Food Pantry Point System


Where can I heat up my food?

 Locations of microwaves on Auraria Campus.

So how do I get started?

After you fill out the one-time online form, you simply bring your MSU Denver student ID card into the Roadrunner Food Pantry during open hours. The Food Pantry Coordinator on duty will provide you with a brief overview of the Roadrunner Food Pantry and you can start receiving food or personal items. 

Additional Food Resources

Although the Roadrunner Food Pantry is eager to help every student, we recognize that we cannot meet an individual or family's complete nutritional needs. If you are in need of food assistance beyond what is available at the Roadrunner Food Pantry, we are happy to help you with a referral through any of the following:

  1. Metro Caring is a local food pantry that supplies anyone in need with food resources, including fresh produce and a variety of non-perishable items. Metro Caring is centrally located at the intersection of E. 18th Avenue and Downing Street and are along two major bus routes: #12 and #20. Appointments are required. Call (303) 860-7200 to make an appointment to get assistance from Metro Caring.
  2. Hunger Free Colorado also offers a variety of food related resources. In particular their Hunger Free Hotline is a one-stop resource for food and nutrition information in Colorado. It is a multilingual resource designed to assist you in locating both public and private food assistance programs. All information is kept confidential. Call (855) 855-4626 to connect to the hotline and learn what local programs may be able to assist you.
  3. Food Bank of the Rockies maintains a database of Food Pantries and related food assistance programs throughout the state. Simply click on your location and find local food pantries and programs that may meet your needs.

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Roadrunner Food Pantry Hours

The food pantry is located in Tivoli 262. Hours are subject to change.

If you have questions about open hours or services, please call us at 303-615-0006 or 303-615-0423.