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Life Happens Get Support

Sometimes in college, life happens and you need support. You may be having difficulty adjusting to college life or be faced with an unanticipated and stressful event. While we cannot possibly anticipate every situation, we have compiled a list of common life challenges faced by MSU Denver students and some associated resources that may be helpful to you. It is important for you to know that whatever the situation, there are people who care about your wellbeing and want to help. Whether that support comes from a resource, community agency, faculty member or your own friends and family, we hope you will connect with the supports available to you. If you are unsure of where to turn, or need guidance on connecting with any of the resources listed here, please contact the Case Manager with the in the Dean of Students Office for such assistance. We are here for you.

Significant loss

“I lost a family member, friend, job, relationship, pet or other important part of my life”


Mental health

“I feel stressed, I feel overwhelmed, I feel depressed, I feel alone, I feel anxious, I don’t feel like myself, I don’t want to get out of bed”


Health issues

“I was in an accident, I have a chronic illness, my family member is sick, I need medication or treatment”


I just can’t stop…

“I can’t stop smoking, drinking, gambling, gaming, watching shows”


Feeling unsafe

“I was assaulted, I'm scared to walk alone, someone is stalking me, my partner is abusing me, I don't know where to turn"


Financial troubles

“I've lost my financial aid, I lost my job, my rent was raised, I am in debt, I've had an unexpected expense, I'm stressed about finances”


I feel lonely

“I can't seem to find friends, I don't fit in, I feel alone and want to be more connected, I'm having trouble adjusting to college”


Relationship challenges

“My partner and I are fighting, I am going through a break-up, I can't find a relationship, I have no closure"


Struggling in class

“I'm not getting it, I'm so far behind, I don't know how to study, I was cited for plagiarism"


Homeless or worried about secure housing

“I'm not sure where I'll be living next month, I'm staying in a shelter, I'm hungry, I got kicked out"

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