Meet Our Facilitation Team

Headshot of Elise Krumholz

Elise Krumholz

Assistant Director of Restorative Justice and Student Conflict Resolution

Hello MSU Denver Community! I first learned about restorative justice in 2011 and soon after, became a facilitator in a Denver high school. Since then, I have practiced restorative justice within community organizations, in different aspects of the legal system, and in other high school settings. I have been at MSU Denver since late 2018 and love working in education again. I particularly love working with MSU Denver community members to envision restorative justice. After learning about and practicing restorative justice, I cannot “unsee” the philosophy and aim to live it in my everyday life. Conflict is challenging for me, but has also been a gift. Restorative justice has helped me move away conflict avoidance and to analyze the systems we live in. It has helped me walk into conflict more confidently despite my discomfort. In my path as a restorative justice practitioner, I am committed to deepening my knowledge about indigenous peacemaking, to know when to step up and back, and to being multipartial.

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Kim Myers

Assistant Director of Student Accountability and Behavioral Intervention

Hi, my name is Kim Myers and I am the Assistant Director of Student Accountability and Behavioral Intervention in the Dean of Students Office at MSU Denver. I was first introduced to Restorative Justice at the University of Redlands, where we used it as a means to address policy violations which also included community harms; as a method for repairing the community and rebuilding trust. I am excited to be a part of bringing Restorative Justice practices to MSU Denver, specifically in instances of Academic Misconduct.

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Cae Draper

Student Conflict Program Assistant

Hi, I am Cae! I am a 4th year student here at MSU Denver studying Criminal Justice and Criminology. Having seen first-hand the realities of the Criminal Justice system I have become an advocate for Restorative alternatives to conflict, and love engaging in Restorative Justice processes and dialogue. I hope to bring this philosophy and processes to other aspects of the justice system after MSU Denver.


Lynn Teasley

Student Conflict Program Assistant

Hi, I'm Lynn! I’m a linguistics major and transfer to MSU Denver. I’m happy to be a part of the Reconciliation team to help people work out their differences in the fairest way possible. I’m originally from St Louis, Missouri, but I’ve lived in Denver for 23 years which is longer than any other place I’ve lived and half my life! In my spare time I love to travel, read, and find fantastic restaurants.