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DACA support at MSU Denver


Dear students and participants in the Immigrant Services Program,

Following the federal administration’s decision to rescind the DACA program, many of you now have questions and are worried and anxious about the future. There are many great resources in Denver that are available to you (please look through the links on our website for legal support events and other on- and off-campus resources), and please remember that this campus stands 100% behind you and your successful path to a University degree, no matter your immigration status.

As MSU’s President has recently said in an email, “we intend to do everything in our power to support both DACA and ASSET students”. These are not empty words, and Ariadna and I want to assure you that the support you receive at MSU – through institutional scholarships, ASSET’s in-state tuition, or support programs like Immigrant Services Program or the Center for Equity and Student Achievement – will continue unchanged. You are the reason MSU Denver exists, and faculty and staff at MSU will never forget that. Your persistence is the energy that drives this institution. And as the institution is actively working to build additional support for DACA, DREAMer, and undocumented students, you can and should tell us what it is you need most right now, next week, next month, next year. We will do everything in our power to keep you safe and supported as you are on your path to a college education.

With great respect and in solidarity,


Gregor Mieder

Immigrant Services program



Ariadna Ochoa Magallanes

Specialist, Immigrant Services


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