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Ben Nichols

The Last Pale Light in the West: On Cormac McCarthy's Blood Meridian

 Above: A short montage of D-phi's first event. Music credit: Davy Brown by by Ben Nichols. Video by Devin Strauch


Lucero’s frontman, Ben Nichols, performed and discussed "The Last Pale Light in the West," a solo album based on Cormac McCarthy's classic American novel, Blood Meridian. The performance was preceded by a lecture by MSU Denver Historian, Matthew Makely, who offered a historical analysis of the original sources and events that inspired McCarthy’s book.

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Link to full event here!



Out of the Past

Fate, Philosophy, and American Film Noir

Above: Full video of Dr. Pippin's presentation and the following discussion

After a screening of the classic 1947 film, Out of the Past, at History Colorado, distinguished University of Chicago professor Robert Pippin spoke with us on the themes of fate and agency in American Film Noir.

Learn more about Robert Pippin at his University Page

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The Tyranny of Language


D?-phi and The Denver Center for Performing Arts partnered to bring a conversation with the cast after a performance of Tribes, a critically acclaimed play that examines family, belonging, and language. 

Learn more about Tribes and the DCPA here


Shakespeare in the Parking Lot

Romeo and Juliet


The Denver Center for Performing Art's “Shakespeare in the Parking Lot” performed an abridged version of Romeo and Juliet outside the Tivoli Building.  The play was followed by a conversation with the troupe’s talented cast and director, moderated by English Department chair Cindy L. Carlson.

You can learn more at Shakespeare in the Park here

Full video of event coming soon



From Computer to Consciousness?

Above: A short sample of the conversation in the Phipps IMAX theater at the DCPA

A talkback with the audience at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science Phipps Imax Theater took on the topics of modern developments in artificial intelligence, the nature and consequences of consciousness, and issues of morality involving AI's.

Full video coming soon.

Dr. Steve Beaty is a professor of Computer Science at MSU Denver with a background that includes research on artificial intelligence techniques such as genetic algorithms and neural networks.

Dr. Marco J. Nathan is Assistant Professor of Philosophy at the University of Denver. His research focuses on the philosophy of science, with particular emphasis on topics in molecular biology, neuroscience, cognitive psychology, and economics.

Dr. Candice Shelby is Associate Professor of Philosophy at the University of Colorado Denver.  She recently published the book Addiction: A Philosophical Perspective, with Palgrave Macmillan.  She often writes and teaches on the philosophy of mind, including potential differences in the manner of performance (if indeed there are any) between static computers and robots. 

Dr. Jere Surber is Professor and Chair of Philosophy at the University of Denver, where he specializes in 19th and 20th century European thought.  He teaches the very popular course "Philosophy and Video Games" and is completing a book on this topic for Bloomsbury Press.

Dr. Steven Lee is the Department Chair & Curator of Planetary Science at the DMNS. His research focuses on the interaction between the surface and atmosphere of Mars -- primarily by mapping the patterns of wind-blown dust deposits across the planet.

Dr. Adam J. Graves is Associate Professor of Philosophy at MSU Denver and founder of the Denver Project for Humanistic Inquiry.  His research focuses on phenomenology, philosophy of religion and freedom of the will.  


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