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Security Operations Center

In 2020, MSU Denver partnered with Atos to establish a “Live” Security Operations Center (SOC) on campus.

Atos is multinational information technology service and consulting company headquartered.  It specializes in hi-tech transactional services, unified communications, cloud, big data and cybersecurity services.  With an annual revenue of $13.2 Billion, employing 105,000 employees in more than 71 countries, it is a global actor in the cybersecurity sector. 

Atos logo. Used with permission.At the start of the Fall 2021 semester, MSU Denver students will be afforded the opportunity to work in a real-world SOC environment during their studies and plans are being in option to develop internship opportunities in a student’s final 12-months prior to graduation.

This initiative is part of a broader plan to transform the cybersecurity education landscape and lead in experiential learning in this dynamic and rapidly changing.  MSU Denver strives to empower our students with hands-on skills and in turn graduate with the workforce skills demanded by employers in this rapidly evolving and highly competitive sector.

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