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Industry Advisory Board

Cybersecurity is a dynamic, ever-changing field. To enable us to better align with industry’s needs, MSU Denver has established an Industrial Advisory Board (IAB).  The IAB meets once per semester and receives an update on the status of all our initiatives. This is also an ideal time for the IAB to review our offerings and provide suggestions as to how we can further improve our degree, certificate and industry and public sector educational programs.

The advisory board includes cybersecurity experts from the private sector, the State of Colorado and law enforcement. MSU Denver greatly appreciates the board members who have generously contributed their time, expertise and perspectives and looks forward to expanding the IAB’s membership in the coming years.


Present Board Members

Patrick Hellman

Dean Weiner

Holly Rollins

Artie Wiskowsky

Camila Tobon

Scott Margolis

Jeff Stratton

Hugo Teufel

John Stubbs

Mohamed Malki

Greg Williams

Trace Ridpath

Bernard McCune

Mohammad H. Alsaffar

Arrow Electronics


Booz Allen Hamilton

Dish Network

Davis Graham & Stubbs LLP

Ernst and Young

Lockheed Martin



State of Colorado

State of Colorado

State of Colorado

Denver Public Schools

Community College of Denver

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Industry Advisory Board please email Megan Conklin.

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