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Cyber Threat Hunting

Mantix4 software interface.Today’s businesses are at a cross roads. We’re in the era of the Dark Web and sophisticated cyber-attacks that can evade network defenses, adapt and even disguise their behavior as normal activity. Adversaries can also ‘play dead’ for months to run sustained, long-term operational efforts against targets. The choice is clear. It’s either proactively hunt and destroy cyber-attacks or fall prey to them.

Mantix4 has turned the hunted into the hunter. Mantix4’s M4 Cyber Threat Hunting Platform accelerates the hunt and actively defends against cyber threats. The one-of- a-kind platform meshes critical human intuition and analysis with advanced machine learning to proactively and persistently analyze, hunt, disrupt and neutralize the most dangerous cyber threats.

In conjunction with MSU Denver’s initiative with Atos, MSU Denver students will be able to learn how to operate as a Cyber Threat Hunter using the Mantix4 Cyber Threat Hunting Platform which will form part of the on-campus Atos Security Operations Center (SOC).

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