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The Cybersecurity Center at MSU Denver

As the Director of the Cybersecurity Center at MSU Denver I would like to welcome you to the primary resource for accessing our programs.  Our educational programs are offered in the form Academic Degree Programs as well as Industry and Public Sector Education.  Our multidisciplinary programs draw expertise from Criminal Justice and Criminology, Computer Information Systems and Computer Science.

At MSU Denver we are constantly striving to adhere to our mantra of reimagining possible.  In the domain of cybersecurity, we have introduced major changes in our approach to the education of Colorado’s and the nation’s next cybersecurity “Operators” in order that they are able contribute effectively in the workforce immediately following graduation and, be comfortable with the rapidly shifting demands in this dynamic field.

Our programs are supplemented with hands-on experience achieved through the “Live” on-campus Security Operations Center (SOC) servicing real-world clients.  In this environment students are able to intern within the SOC and gain real-world experience utilizing commercial grade security tools.  In addition, beyond acquiring entry-level SOC Analyst skills, students will be exposed to the fields of Incident Response and Forensics as well as having the opportunity to train as a Cyber Threat Hunter. 

Additionally, to ensure that students have the ability to develop that muscle-memory needed to thrive in this fast-paced operational environment, students can practice their skills through a series of attack scenarios on The Cyber Range at MSU Denver.

Finally, all degree students will complete their studies with a Capstone during which they are exposed to the “Soft Skills” required to progress into management and leadership positions.

My colleagues and I would be delighted to have you join as at MSU Denver and be a part of one of several of our innovative and cutting-edge courses.  Be it refining what you already know or re-tooling as part of a career change, MSU Denver has the expertise and passion to impower you to succeed.

Richard C. Mac Namee

Director of the Cybersecurity Center at MSU Denver


"Cybersecurity is a growing threat worldwide and Colorado is rightly a center for this important industry. We need an educated workforce who can stay one step ahead of efforts to access our private information and interrupt our business practices. We are grateful to all our educational partners, such as Metropolitan State University (MSU Denver), who are providing the skills and information needed to grow our local talent pool and fill this critical need."

-Kelly Brough, Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce President and CEO.

Program Options

Students will take courses in Criminal Justice, Computer Science and Computer Information Systems to obtain the most up-to-date knowledge and skills required by the cybersecurity industry.

MSU Denver's Cybersecurity courses prepare you to investigate computer crimes, properly seize and recover digital evidence, prevent cybercrime and prosecute cybercriminals. 

With an emphasis in hands-on learning, Cybersecurity students will be well prepared for an exciting career, as this career path has been in high-demand for years without showing any signs of slowing down.

The Cybersecurity programs include:

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