Radical Compliance and Wayfinding to Sustainability

May 6 - July 2, 2016

Radical Compliance & Wayfaring Sustainability image

The burden of teaching innovation and working within institutional compliance lands squarely on art educators. In this exhibition, Colorado art teachers share work that responds to the contemporary school climate.


Radical Compliance

A local chapter of the National Art Education Association, Colorado Art Education Association is the leading professional membership organization exclusively for visual arts educators in Colorado working to advance visual arts education with the intent   to fulfill human potential and promote global understanding.


Wayfinding to Sustainability

Theory Loves Practice is a Metropolitan State University-sponsored research group that brings art educators together monthly to cultivate contemporary arts practices in our classrooms. 


Artists traditionally break molds, betray expectations, document and respond to current events and art teachers are no exception. As teachers they are challenged with developing space for radical ideation while complying with assessment and evaluation standards. In this exhibition Colorado art educators explore the opposing forces inherent in their profession through art.


May 6, 2016

Opening reception, 6pm

Gallery talk, 7pm


May 20, 2016

Living Catalog, 6pm

Artists share reflections on their latest work in a forum for discussion


June 3, 2016

Theory Loves Practice Task Party, 5-8pm

A playful, improvisational, maker event held during the First Friday art walk. Participants of all ages will respond to and create "tasks" to inspire connection in our community!