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The MSU Denver Student Exhibition presents the work of the Department of Art’s student artists and designers. Work presented examines both personal experiences and global concerns through multiple styles and media which showcase the depth of teaching provided by the MSU Denver Art Department.

Students graduating in the Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 semesters were invited to take part in this exhibition. Student exhibitions like this one are integral to the mission of the Center for Visual Art as they provide  MSU Denver art students a gallery space in which to present their work professionally. The CVA’s location within the Santa Fe Art District offers these emerging artists valuable exposure to the broader local arts community while still providing support from gallery professionals. The exhibition opens on April 16 and continues through May 7, 2021.

Artists & Designers in the Exhibition

Richard Deanda, Beatrice Drew, Sarah Folsom, Emily Hammack, Amanda Jensen, Raechel Kimsey, Ashley LaFrance, Hannah Scheuerman, Maria V. Solis, Hunter Sprague, Leah Tschumper, Audrey Twigg, and Isaiah Wortham

These students represent the various academic paths in MSU Denver’s BFA program: BFA in Art, Art Education, and Communication Design. Ceramicist and Art Education major, Sarah Folsom uses her interest in personal and universal experiences to expand beyond the traditional utility associated with ceramic ware as a means to the expression of human emotion. Ashley LaFrance’s piece Muerte Altar Kit both tells her story of cultural self-discovery while challenging the viewer to reflect on their own origins. Audrey Twigg is a Communication Design student who is exploring new ways of storytelling through an interactive graphic novel called Hide that CVA guests will be able to play in the gallery.

Exhibition Events

Virtual Artist Panel
Thursday, April 29, 5:30-6:30 pm

Artists will share the inspiration and creative process for their work.

Participating artists: Beatrice Drew, Sarah Folsom, Emily Hammack,

Raechel Kimsey, Hannah Scheuerman, Leah Tschumper


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