Colorado Women in Abstraction

July 15 - October 1, 2016

                                  Lorelei Schott                                                     Amy Metier                                        Carlene Frances    


Colorado Women in Abstraction features the work of women artists who have been influential in the abstract movement in Colorado. This exhibition is presented at a time when the worldwide art community is examining the role of women in contemporary art and questioning their uneven representation in major exhibitions, publications and sales. Guest Curator Michael Paglia, (art critic for Denver Westword newspaper, art ltd magazine, and author of books Colorado Abstract and Texas Abstract) brings his extensive knowledge of past and current Colorado artists who have been instrumental and influential in the development of abstract art in Colorado. ‌


Artists featured:

Marks Aardsma, Patricia Aaron, Deidre Adams, Sabin Aell, Tonia Bonnell, Teresa Booth Brown, Trine Bumiller, Mary Chenoweth, Sophia Dixon Dillo, Nadine Drummond, Sandra Fettingis, Linda Fleming, Carlene Frances, Ania Gola-Kumor, Jane Guthridge, Wendi Harford, Ruth Hiller, Lorey Hobbs, Monroe Hodder, Barbara Locketz, Nancy Lovendahl, Virginia Maitland, Skyler McGee, Amy Metier, Margaret Pettee Olsen, Kate Petley, Martha Russo & Katie Caron, Conn Ryder, Lorelei Schott, Elizabeth Yanish Shwayder, Sue Simon.