Metropolitian State Universtiy of Denver | Department of Art

Graduating thirty-six emerging artists this fall, MSCD is proud to present a collaborative creation, MixTape, the BFA thesis exhibitions that will feature an eccentric mix of sculpture, installation, drawing, painting, printmaking, photography, mixed media, video/digital art and ceramics.

Currents: Native American Forces in Contemporary Art

Exhibition Dates: August 27 – November 7, 2009

Currents: Native American Forces in Contemporary Art presents the work of seven contemporary artists engaging in a cross-cultural dialogue regarding Native American legacies in the context of contemporary art.

The wide range of expression found in Currents reveals the futility of attempting to confine Native American artists to one category. A common thread, however, is found in the exploration of cultural identity, traversing between native heritages and life in the twenty-first century. These artists neither exist nor create art in the vacuum of a singular society, but flow through the many influences of contemporary life and art.

These practitioners challenge the notion of a Native American style of art frozen in the past. While honoring glimmers of traditional themes, culturally ambiguous strategies are utilized, blurring the lines that attempt to define Native American art.



Exhibition Dates: June 4 – August 13, 2009

, curated by director/curator Jennifer Garner, is an exhibition featuring works of art that non-representationally refer to the human bodily figure. Whether a surviving mark or mere evidence of the former existence – blood, stains, sweat, hair, footmarks – the indexical signs create a narrative.

Historically of all the subjects in art, none is more prevalent than the human figure. From the beginning of world history to recent times, the human figure has been depicted in art across all cultures. Within the context of modernity however come interpretations of the human figure far beyond that of its oftentimes recognizable exterior goal of depicting the beautiful, grotesque or mundane qualities. TRACE(figurative) delves more into semiotics with the dualistic role of artist and viewer serving as meaning-makers. The interpretive signs in each of the artist’s work provide subtle and provocative humanistic vestiges; intact are the clues that link the imagery to its human origin. Though profound, the indicators leave no desire for identifying the collective whole.


Sm’ART BFA Thesis Exhibition

Metropolitian State University of Denver | Department of Art

Exhibition Dates: May 1- May 14, 2009

Metropolitan State College of Denver (MSCD) is pleased to announce the semi-annual BFA

Thesis Exhibition, with 31 emerging artists. Sm’ART is a diverse exhibition of works that
showcases talented metal smiths, ceramists, photographers, painters, and digital artists. The
MSCD art department is dedicated to providing their students with an unparallel urban
learning environment and a strong sense of community within the local art scene.

‌Colectivo Corriente

Collective Nouns: MSCD Art Faculty Biennial                                   
Exhibition Dates: March 19 - April 23, 2009  

The energy of Metro State’s art department continues to grow as many of its members play a vital role in Denver’s art community. Their influence on the future of the art community holds strong as each new class emerges under their guidance.  Representing the state’s largest art department, the MSCD art faculty is made up of a diverse group of regional artists, working in an eclectic range of media.  This exhibition features an ensemble of recent works from the faculty; artists from each area of the art department will be represented.


Colorado Abstract

Exhibition Dates: January 8- March 7, 2009

Colorado Abstract, a collaborative exhibition between the CVA, the Kirkland Museum of Decorative and Fine Art, and Fresco Fine Art Publications. Due to the grand scale of this project, the exhibition will be shown in two locations. The CVA will focus on contemporary working artists, and the Kirkland Museum exhibition will explore the evolution of abstraction. Nearly 90 artists who have a close connection to Colorado will be featured. Their bodies of work whether it is sculpture or paintings, continue to mold and define abstract art for future generations.