SUBSTANCE: Diverse Practices from the Periphery

Exhibition Dates: September 6 - November 9, 2007

Metro State Center for Visual Art presents
Substance: Diverse Practices from the Periphery, an international exhibition that highlights the contributions of over 30 contemporary industrial, graphic, architectural, environmental and media design innovators who are making a profound contribution to the field of design. Implicit to the processes held by these designers is a responsibility to design research and problem solving that shows a commitment to working directly with communities beyond the traditional confines of the studio environment. As a result of their work, these designers develop highly meaningful and life-altering solutions. In a consumer culture so oriented towards design today, the exhibition places specific emphasis on projects that focus on the needs of under served people, places and problems.

To show the connection between design problem and outcome, each project is supported in the exhibition by a narrative back story which may include text, images, video, sketches and notations. Text responses address the exhibition thematic criteria of Cause (the basis for the design action or response relative to the problem); Method (the manner in which the design problem was solved, how research strategy was oriented to the problem); and Impact (how the project outcome addresses the cause in a significant manner). Through this documentation we gain a better understanding of how design functions in context, moving the discussion of design beyond that of aesthetics. 

‌Landscapes of Colorado

Exhibition dates: August 4 – 26, 2007

Metro State Center for Visual Art and Robischon Gallery present Landscapes of Colorado, a select survey of paintings, drawings and photographs by fifty-one artists committed to exploring Colorado’s natural environment. The participating artists, selected by Ann Daley, curator for the Denver Art Museum’s Institute for Western American Art, are included in the exhibition’s accompanying new book Landscapes of Colorado, featuring artist profiles written by Westword’s art critic Michael Paglia.


Exhibition Dates: May 24 - July 21, 2007

Metro State Center for Visual Art presents  LOOKINGUP, an exhibition of work that responds to natural, industrial and/or human factors through suspended sculptural forms. The dynamic installations of Lawrence Argent, Jennifer Ghormley, Anne Mudge and Patrick Marold reflect the fragility and tenacity of the world around us, revealing an interplay of opposing factors.


‌Collective Nouns:
Art Faculty Biennial

 Exhibition Dates: March 8-April 15, 2007

Representing the state’s largest art department, the Metro State art faculty is made up of a diverse group of regional artists, working in an eclectic range of media. This exhibition features an ensemble of recent works from the faculty; artists from each area of the art department will be represented.

‌(REAL): Photographic Constructs

Exhibition Dates: January 5 – February 23, 2007

Metro State Center for Visual Art, in collaboration with the Colorado Photographic Art Center, presents, (REAL): Photographic Constructs, an exhibition that explores perspectives in photography that visually integrate the context of created environments and reconstructing representation. Dimension, space and reality, themes that all photographers tackle to some extent, are the focus of this exhibition. Each of the works incorporate constructed realities, whether fabricated prior to the shutter release or after the photo has been printed.

<52': Metro State BFA Thesis Exhibition 2006

‌The graduating students from the Department of Art at Metropolitan State College of Denver are proud to 

present a collaborative creation, <52’. The BFA thesis exhibition will feature an eccentric mix of twenty-four of
Denver’s up and coming artistic talents in ceramics, drawing, installation, metalsmithing, mixed media,
painting, performance, photography, printmaking, sculpture and video/digital art.


What Sound Does a Color Make?

Exhibtion Dates: September 14- November 11, 2006

For some people, a stimulus to one of the five senses evokes the sensation of another sense, as when hearing a sound produces the visualization of a color. For contemporary audiovisual artists, the possibilities inspired by this phenomenon, known as synesthesia, have expanded with the advent of recent digital technologies that translate all electronic media, whether sounds or moving images, into the zeros and ones of computer bits. United by similar and overlapping premises, the works in the exhibition are widely divergent in their results. They range from large-scale immersive installations with moving forms that morph to corresponding tonal compositions, to discrete DVD stations inviting viewers to access electronic music pieces in different combinations with videos.