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10th Biennial MSU Denver Art Department Exhibition

May 24 – July 20, 2019


The 10th Biennial MSU Denver Art Department Exhibition brings together 31 diverse and distinguished artists working across a wide variety of media representing each artist’s unique experiences, influences and interests. This exhibition offers a peek into the studio art and design practices of MSU Denver’s art faculty and staff and celebrates our vibrant visual art community. 

Featuring works by MSU Denver Faculty and Staff:

Click on the images to learn more about each artist. 

Abell + Stewart

Wooden sculptures that resemble primitive tools

Lisa Abendroth

Image of the planet earth in a plastic shopping bag hanging from a tree branch

Peter Bergman

Various book titles published by IS press

Michael Bernhardt

Geometric drawings encased in geometric, tesselated sculpture

Leslie Boyd

Experimental, wearable art necklace with pendant including a rubber duckie and white cloud

Kevin Buchholz

Black and white photography of a couple riding a merry-go-round

Rachael Delaney

Close up image of fiber art made from cream and blue felt woven into an abstract pattern

Javier Flores

Painting of a dragon encircling an Aztec temple

Carlos Fresquez

Painting of migrants being searched by border patrol agents

Jade Hoyer & Megan Stevens

Coffee cups stacked on a shelf with abstract printed wrappers

Matthew Jenkins

Experimental video still of distorted found footage

Tsehai Johnson

Ceramic pods holding ceramic apples

Sandy Lane

Drawing of mid-century soldiers escorting a woman in a 1950's dress on newspaper with watercolor accents

Monika Lemmon

Graphite drawing of a woman as if she were peering at the viewer from under water

Heather Link-Bergman

letterpress print of an abandoned shopping center

Charles Livingston

Series of abstract graphite drawings featuring different mark making

Phillip Mann

Wooden sculpture of a stylized ray gun

Lauren Mayer

Framed ceramic squares with varying rough textures

Dawn McFadden

Small yellow bird in an oar boat on the water with a bucolic landscape in the background

Shawn Meek

Image of conceptual HTML code

Kelly Monico

Abstract shapes rendering in pinks, oranges and black

Jonathan Nicklow

Quilt of various prints of horses

Regan Rosburg

Botanical ephemera and curious incased in black resin

Natascha Seideneck

Circular photograph of abstract material appearing as an otherworldly landscape

Matt Smith

Woven fibers of various colors appearing as fish scales

Katie Taft

Cardboard headpiece

Anne Thulson

Abstract block dwelling over a grey, foreboding sky.

Lisa Corine von Koch

Colorful drawing of figures traversing a slack line across a wide canyon

Kimberly Wendt

Watercolor still life painting of red apples on a reflective surface



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Friday, May 24, 5:30 pm

Opening Celebration
Friday, May 24, 6-8 pm

Apples: Eating the Globe 
Friday, May 24, 7 pm & Friday, June 7, 7 pm

Create apples from clay in this ceramics workshop led by artist Tsehai Johnson. Participants’ apples will become part of the artist’s installation exploring food sources. All ages and abilities welcome; no prior ceramics experience necessary.

Reductive Woodcut Demo
Friday, July 19, 6-8 pm

Learn how to make a multi-color woodblock print from just one printing plate with artist Javier Flores. All ages and abilities welcome; no prior printmaking experience necessary.



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