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In the Fall of 2018, CVA exhibited sugar bound, a solo exhibition by Suchitra Mattai. The exhibition was based on the artist's family history of indentured servitude, moving from India to Guyana, and her personal history moving from Guyana to Canada, and then the United States. Through the lens of her and her family’s experiences, Mattai examines colonialism and its effects to this day.  

Using cultural artifacts such as textiles, furniture, and household items, Mattai invests these objects with new meaning, while reflecting on colonial histories and her own childhood narrative. Antiques and floral patterns on textiles are common starting places to reinsert her lived experience. 

We in the U.S. are currently looking at our colonial past and are, as a society, grappling with how to right our wrongs. We are starting to see the effects of colonialism that have always been around us. This week we will attempt to look at the world around us with open eyes and find the changes we need to make.

Meet me this Wednesday, June 24 at 5:00 pm on Zoom.


Featured Artist - Suchitra Mattai





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