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We paused Culture Club last week to educate ourselves about the Black Lives Matter protests happening all over the country and used that time to research the ways white supremacy inserts itself into every aspect of our lives, including arts institutions. We met with leaders of various arts organizations around Denver to begin to understand our role in building a better and more inclusive future. There is much work to be done, and we are committing ourselves to do it better than we ever have before. 
The Center for Visual Art has long been dedicated to showing art promoting social change and encouraging discussion about social justice issues. In 2018, CVA showed work inspired by the Women’s March in an exhibition entitled Pink ProgressionPink Progression commemorated and celebrated the solidarity established during the women’s marches in 2017 and 2018. This exhibition centered itself on the theme of protest and what came out of “taking it to the streets”.
This week we will look at protest art throughout the years. We will be making work to help ourselves process and understand the current state of the world. For this session, we will not share our own work, but amplify the voices of Black artists that have been overlooked. Come prepared to make art, but also do a little research to share with the group. 

Meet me this Wednesday, June 10 at 5:00 pm on Zoom.


Selected Works from Pink Progression

Laleh Mehran, Tenuous Hierarchy {1}, still, 2018
Learn more about Pink Progression
Images, left to right, top row: Frankie Toan, Couch Project, 2018; Melanie Yazzie, Every Day, 1-4 , 2018.
Bottom row: Susanne Mitchell, Rita (Silence of the Ordinary), 2018; Kim Harrell, Drink Me, 2018.

More Activist Artists

Detour and Hiero, George Floyd, 2020
Latoya Ruby Frazier, Pier 54: A Human Right to Passage, 2014

Activist Links We Love

The New White House Fence Is Getting Covered In Protest Art
Read about this new place of protest in the DCist. Photo by Matt Blitz and Mary Tyler March


Antiracist / Allyship Resource List 

Resources & Tools Regarding Racism & Anti/Blackness & How to be a Better Ally


Black Lives Matter 
Join the global movement to fight for Freedom, Liberation and Justice. 



Header image by Mike Von, footer image by Josh Hild, resource list image by Henry Be and all are sourced from Unsplash.com. Black Lives Matter image courtesy of BlackLivesMatter.com.