CVA Staff


Director and Curator

Cecily Cullen | email


Communications Manager

Jenna Miles | email


Education Manager

Katie Taft | email 


Budget Manager

Kim Wendt | email 


Chair, MSU Denver Department of Art

Deanne Pytlinski


MSU Denver Student Gallery Assistants

Taryn Trussell
Kristin Smith
Molly Quinn
Beatrice Drew
Shari Myers
Dylan Douez
Emily Hammack
Allison Nicolosi-Risinger
Zacharie Ruhter


MSU Denver Student Teaching Apprentices

Jesse Garcia
Euphemia Medina
Beatrice Drew
Emily Hammack

Leadership Council Members 

Chair - Kevin Raines
Vice Chair - Erin Bird
Secretary - Dave Ratner
Members - Jeremiah Archuleta, Jina Brenneman, Mary Coffey, Caitlin Lindquist, Heather Park Meek