February 10, 2018

CVA Staff Favorite: Taryn


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We asked CVA gallery assistant Taryn about her favorite work in Sangre Colorado: Carlos Frésquez Mid-Career Survey. Her favorite, Pops en 1954, is a work in which local Denver artist Carlos Frésquez used spraypaint and acrylic to create a portrait of his father with expressive line quality. Carlos uses graffiti materials and processes often in his work. His message is telling youth they can be creative without breaking the law; they can put their art on canvas instead. In this work, created while Carlos was a student at MSU Denver, you can see him developing his gestural lines, saturated color palettes and his recurring use of Chicano iconography and automobiles.

“My first [college] art teacher was [drawing professor] Jean Schiff, and she was a stickler...I had this really tight rendering approach and we were learning what a gesture drawing was. She would show us and I thought, ugh, that's just a scribble. Then the more I did it, I realized, oh, it’s about stance and pose and weight. And she just started teaching me about these things. Then I think she saw something in me, she was pushing and prodding, and I didn’t fight her back. I was like a spongeI wanted to absorb.”

Quote by Carlos Frésquez from Coming Full Circle: An Interview with Carlos Frésquez by Deanne Pytlinski, PH.D.
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Pops en 1954 by Carlos Fresquez

Pops en 1954, 1978, spraypaint and acrylic on canvas, 74 x 45 in.

Ophelia's Song by grapes (c) copyright 2009 Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license. http://dig.ccmixter.org/files/grapes/24049 Ft: musetta