August 16, 2017

Cannupa Hanska Luger discusses Winter Count


This blog post and video are a three-part series in which CVA interviewed Cannupa Hanska Luger as he installed his worked for the Water Line: A Creative Exchange exhibition. Check out the other videos: We Have Agency and Nicholas Galanin and Merritt Johnson.

During a past exhibition at CVA, Cross Currents, Cannupa met Merritt Johnson and Nicholas Galanin who are artists also working to change perceptions of contemporary indigenous art.

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These artists, along with other members, formed Winter Count – a collective that cultivates awareness, respect, honor and protection for land and water. This collective worked most notably to create mirrored shield that reflected the law enforcement agencies that opposed indigenous water protectors at the Standing Rock Reservation. For Water Line, the collective presented both works of Cannupa’s alongside work of Merritt and Nicholas providing an engrossing experience that challenges the audience to rethink their impact on the environment and establish the viewer as a global citizen.