August 16, 2017

Cannupa Hanska Luger shares the work of Nicholas Galanin and Merritt Johnson


This blog post and video are a three-part series in which CVA interviewed Cannupa Hanska Luger as he installed his worked for the Water Line: A Creative Exchange exhibition. Check out the other videos: We Have Agency and Winter Count. 

Working together since 2014, Nicholas and Merritt have no conceptual or materialistic limitations to their collaborations and this is evident in the work exhibited in Water Line.

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The backdrop to their piece, Making an Eye the Better to See You With, is a video that features drone footage of untouched American landscapes while the table shows an unfinished carving of a drone, a prayer mask, incomplete beadwork, and various tools. Both artists preform their work, Nicholas often in character as the “White Carver” and Merritt records her performances, which is why the objects in their installation are unfinished. When juxtaposed with the work of Cannupa, this installation helps provide a complete narrative around water, policy, and stewardship.