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The PACCW has gathered a list of opportunities for MSU Denver employees to engage, socialize and build community outside of their departments. This can be in the form of a committee, working group, club, society, social group, event, service project, etc. To add to the list please complete this quick form.

Send questions/comments to: Director of Campus Recreation, Diane Yee,

These groups pertain to a person's identity. 


Brief Description

Contact Name

African American Affairs Council This organization supports  the African and African-American community through cultural, educational, and social events and exchanges. Douglas Mpondi
APIDA (Asian Pacific Islander Desi American) Faculty and Staff Alliance

A support network for APIDA (Asian Pacific Islander Desi American) identifying MSU Denver faculty and staff.

Courtney Matsumoto
Latino/a Faculty and Staff Association An organization for the Latin@ community to mingle, share interests, mentor students and foster unity. Tisha Townsend
LGBTQ Staff & Faculty Social Group

The LGBTQ Staff & Faculty Social Group is open to all Auraria faculty and professional staff members who identify as part of the LGBTQ community. The group was formed to provide connection and a sense of belonging for LGBTQ professionals on campus. As a very young organization, the group has held two socials (both in-person and virtual), and hopes to continue these opportunities.

Chaz DeHerrera
Womyn of Color Networking and community building events for Women of Color. Andrea Borrego

The Metropolitan State University of Denver Department of Athletics offers two free tickets to all MSU Denver faculty and staff to all regular season Roadrunners Athletics home games. MSU Denver employees will need to present a valid ID at the box office of the Auraria Event Center or the Regency Athletic Complex to receive their tickets for the game. Additional tickets to all Roadrunners Athletics home games can be purchased at

MSU Denver faculty and staff benefits can access additional benefits by contributing to the Red and Blue Fund, including invitations to exclusive VIP donor events. 

Get ready to read and discuss an exciting variety of books with fellow Roadrunners when you join the MSU Denver Alumni Book Club! The books we choose may be related to ongoing campus initiatives or events, and some may even be written by MSU Denver Alumni. The club is open to all alumni, students, faculty and staff.

Free lectures, workshops, First Friday art walks, Hands-on artmaking Cecily Cullen or visit the CVA website for more information.

Coffee with the President is offered once per semester to share coffee and conversation. For more information email Summer Valdez.

Join the Colfax Marathon to raise money for the Student Emergency Fund. For more information email Brandi Rideout.

The Denver Project for Humanistic Inquiry (D-phi) aims to enrich Denver’s intellectual and cultural life through programs designed to reframe our perspectives, challenge our assumptions, and stimulate dialogue about human thought, history, science, art and culture. D-phi organizes roundtable discussions, art exhibits, film screenings, theatrical performances, and lectures centered on major themes, issues or questions of abiding human concern. We host both local and international experts, artists, and some of the 'greatest minds of our time'.

We started a Facebook Group to connect MSU Denver Faculty and Staff outside of work.

In this group, feel free to let us know what's going on in your neck of the woods. You're encouraged to create/share events on this page to support, or mingle with, your fellow Roadrunners. Please invite all the employees you know!

The success of MSU Denver depends on the participation of many. As faculty and staff members, our support of students and University initiatives is paramount. Not only do our gifts provide funding for our programs and scholarships, they also endorse our commitment to helping our students reimagine all that is possible with their futures. They say we choose MSU Denver and that we believe in our mission and in its execution.

Support your passion with by making a gift in the way that works best for you:

  • Payroll Deduction:
    When you give via payroll deduction, you are committing to MSU Denver for the long run, and will be recognized as a member of the Marathon Society. Make your gift in support of any number of worthwhile areas. Simply complete the online form to deepen your commitment to our students, programs and mission.
  • Make a one-time gift
    • Learn about giving options and/or make a one-time gift today and designate your dollars to the program, department, activity and/or scholarship of your choice!
    • Support one of our special funding projects like Socktober, a student organization project, Day of Giving and much more! Check out all of our crowdfunding projects here.
  • Crowdfunding GiftSupport one of our special funding projects like Socktober, a student organization project, Day of Giving and much more! Check out all of our crowdfunding projects here.

Spring 2021: Tuesdays @ 8:30 a.m.
STARTING January 26

(If you can’t join us live, be sure to watch the recordings on our YouTube channel)

Power Barre is a total body workout that alternates movements to improve balance, muscular strength and endurance. This class combines light cardio (optional) with body weight exercises to bring you a dynamic and fun workout. No equipment necessary. Open to all skill levels.

Join the class via Teams (here). We are using this platform (instead of FB/Instagram Live) so that you can share your camera if you'd like Chasity to assist you on your form. You can still join and not share your screen if you are not comfortable with that.


About your instructor: Chasity Gentry (certified by Power Barre)

I’ve always had a love for being active. When I moved to Colorado in 2016, I was most excited for all of the hiking trails and going to the mountains. I grew up in Nebraska, then moved to South Carolina before deciding to move to Colorado.  After taking a year to work and look into what schools I wanted to attend, I found MSU Denver and applied to get my degree in Public Health. I am beyond excited to see what this school has in store for me and to help others along the way! Come meet me at the Barre!

Spring 2021 ~ Fridays @ 9:30 a.m.
STARTING January 29
(If you can’t join us live, be sure to watch the recordings on our YouTube channel)

Tabata is a high-intensity interval training program that consists of eight sets of fast-paced exercises each performed for 20 seconds interspersed with a brief rest of 10 seconds.

Join the class via Teams (here). We are using this platform (instead of FB/Instagram Live) so that you can share your camera if you'd like Chasity to assist you on your form. You can still join and not share your screen if you are not comfortable with that.


About your instructor: Chasity Gentry (certified by ACE)

I’ve always had a love for being active. When I moved to Colorado in 2016, I was most excited for all of the hiking trails and going to the mountains. I grew up in Nebraska, then moved to South Carolina before deciding to move to Colorado. After taking a year to work and look into what schools I wanted to attend, I found MSU Denver and applied to get my degree in Public Health. I am beyond excited to see what this school has in store for me and to help others along the way! Come meet me at the Barre!

Lunch presentation on faculty/staff current work abroad. For more information email Kat Martinez.

Faculty and staff can be seen at the Health Center at Auraria, which provides comprehensive medical and mental healthcare. The department is staffed by highly trained medical personnel dedicated to the well-being and success of students and campus colleagues. The Health Center at Auraria can treat the majority of your health concerns on-site in a welcoming environment that is professional, inclusive, supportive and affordable.

For more information visit,

For the latest information on COVID-19/Safe Return to Campus, visit

Outreach Programs

The Health Center at Auraria has a variety of offerings through different Outreach Programs that extend beyond the Medical Services and Mental Health Services. Programs are available to all AHEC, CCD, MSU Denver and CU Denver students, faculty and staff which are offered at no charge. The programs enhance many aspects of wellness, allowing an individual to manage school and everyday life while also learning new skills to promote overall wellbeing.


Through our campus interactive Events and Mental Health Initiatives students can drop in to learn about trending health topics. In addition, each institution has access to their own health blog, CampusWELL for current wellness information. You can also take a Pilates, Yoga or Zumba class through the Healthy Pursuits Mind Body Fitness classes.


Faculty, staff and student organizations can also request a Presentation tailored to specific health subjects.

For more information visit,


As part of the Healthy Pursuits program, Mind Body Fitness classes including Yoga and Zumba, aim to support your health through a connection from the inside out. The goal of the classes is to enable students, faculty and staff of the Auraria Campus to lead a healthier and less stressful lifestyle. There is no charge to attend the Mind Body Fitness classes and no prior registration is required.  You can find the schedule of virtual offerings at

This event is an opportunity to network, learn, reflect and engage with people committed to diversity and equity. For more information email Jeremy VanHooser.

**September 2020 kicks of the Virtual Lunch Buddies program **

Back by popular demand is our (virtual) Lunch Buddies program. This program began in spring 2018 and went on hiatus March 2020 when the campus closed. The Lunch Buddies program was designed to connect people around campus who may not interact on a regular basis. We're all here to do our part and can function more effectively when relationships (both professional and personal) are established and a better understanding can be made across departments. Program highlights include:

  • Low commitment, high impact
  • Expand campus network & collaboration opportunities
  • Mentor (or get mentored)
  • Learn about the campus, departments and cool things around the Denver Metro area

Participants can opt-in monthly (feel free to skip months as needed) to be paired with a buddy from another department. Buddies will choose a day & time to e-meet, with an open agenda. When this program was on campus the intention was to meet over a meal, but since it’ll be virtual (for now), the meal portion is optional -- though you are encouraged to break for lunch daily. During your “Buddy Lunch” usually work is brought up where each buddy talks about their path to MSU Denver, department and role; but it's even better when a personal connection can be made. Either way, this program will help bond our campus community over information sharing and storytelling. You will be paired with a new buddy each month you opt-in, but you're encouraged to maintain relationships with past buddies as you see fit. 

Simply complete this quick registration form. At the end of each month I'll reach out to gather interest for the following month.

Feel free to email Diane Yee with any questions/comments.

On-campus, fun inforamtion sessions for MSU Denver employees to empower and inform them about graduate programs, making them knowledgable ambassadors to the programs. For more information email Emalie Whan.

Join the Math Department each April as they host this annual competition (35+ years) for HS students focused on engineering, geometry and algrbra. Seeking judges, volunteers, and cheerleaders. For more information email Brendan Fry.

NOTE: Metro Math Day has been canceled for April 2021 due to COVID. Please join us in 2022.

What if there was a way for you to combine the things that you love--MSU Denver and beer--AND support student scholarships? Now you can!

Become a lifetime member of the MSU Denver Mug Club and take advantage of your benefits at the Tivoli Taphouse while having the satisfaction of supporting student scholarships. All membership dues directly support the funding of the MSU Denver Mug Club Endowed Scholarship. See you at the next happy hour!

Membership Options
MSU Denver Students and Alumni: One-Time Gift of $25
MSU Denver Faculty and Staff: One-Time Gift of $60

  • A custom MSU Denver Mug Club beer, wine or cider glass  
  • $1 off any Tivoli beer, wine or cider at the Tap House 
  • Invitations to monthly Mug Club Events at the Tap House 
  • Opportunities to buy discounted tickets for EXCLUSIVE Tivoli Tap House events 
  • $2 off Tivoli Beer at alumni happy hours

The Health Center at Auraria offers free nutrition consultations with Registered Dietitian Nutritionists (RDN). The RDNs can support you, provide recommendations, and answer your questions whether you are trying to manage a chronic condition, lose or gain weight, optimize athletic performance or develop a personalized healthy eating routine.

What to Expect

We are a judgment free “zone” and we are dedicated to supporting and collaborating with you. The first appointment may be up to one hour in length, with follow-up visits being shorter. Before the first visit, you will be asked to complete a nutrition goals form. During the visit you’ll meet with the RDN and, with your consent, a nutrition student intern. After the visit, you’ll be asked to complete an evaluation form.

During most appointments a student intern will be in the appointment and, if you are interested, will contact you for continued support. After your initial appointment an action plan will be recommended including dietary information and recommendations for free follow-up visits. 

Call 303-615-9999 to schedule an appointment. For more information (including registration and food insecurity) visit,

The MSU Denver Professional Development Conference (PDC) is an inclusive and energizing opportunity (usually in May) for members of the MSU Denver community to grow both professionally and personally while they learn more about their colleagues. It takes place in the King Center, with identical sessions in the morning and afternoon. The day features workshops presented by your peers and a keynote speaker to frame the day’s activities. We invite you to attend as many activities as your schedule allows. Food and games are also provided. For more information visit the PDC website.

Get involved as a committee member, presenter or day-of volunteer

The committee is a diverse and inclusive assembly of Roadrunners who are committed to the faculty, staff, and student employees of MSU Denver in coordinating top-notch professional development workshops and sessions.  The committee looks internally to subject experts who are passionate about highlighting ways to transform personally, expand intellectually, and be the best one can be for each other and our students.  The planning committee meetsvirtually every two weeks on Wednesdays from 12:30-1:30 p.m. If you're interested in joining the committee, being a presenter or helping with day-of events, please contact Rob Ingle at or Jeremy VanHooser at

We are proud of our Roadrunners and have several events/awards to honor our outstanding peers.

Roadrunners Who Soar – established in 2019 to recognize individual employees who are living our shared CADRE values, supporting student success and serving as ambassadors for Metropolitan State University of Denver in the larger community. Team awards highlight core and cross-functional teams that are innovatively pursuing shared goals and creating an environment of empowerment and accountability.

Faculty Tenure & Promotions Celebration – established in 2010 by Provost Vicki Golich to recognize faculty who have recently achieved promotion and/or tenure at MSU Denver. Faculty and their families, as well as the campus and community, are invited to an evening of celebration in recognition of this achievement.

Years of Service – there's an annual Years of Service celebration that honors Roadrunners who have dedicated years, and sometimes decades, to the University and to student success. A light lunch is typically provided.

Distinguished Service Awards – established in 1977 to recognize employees who have provided exceptional service to the MSU Denver community and its mission in the following three general areas 1) Longevity (service on a permanent basis over a period of at least 10 years), 2) Breadth (high quality contributions over the years), and 3) Significance (motivated by dedication and commitment to Metropolitan State University of Denver.

The Road Riders Cyling Club would like to invite you to join a growing number of colleagues who are getting away from their computers and going for a brief peddle. This is a great way to exercise and practice social distancing while giving to the Student Emergency Fund. With many of our students out of work and uncertain how life’s essentials will be paid for, your membership to the Road Riders can help them out. For a donation of $100, you will receive a snazzy MSU Denver jersey and a lifetime membership to the cycling club. To date, $3,000 has been raised!

Riding with your jersey will give greater visibilty to our University. Keep your eyes open for a bike ride invitation – we hope to have our inaugural ride in the Spring 2021. Also, Road Riders plan to have small group rides once we go back to campus to continue our comradery and support of MSU Denver students.

If you have questions, please email any of the following: Rob Ingle at, Mike McCabe at, Issac Tubb at, or Josh Gabrielson at

RGBD projects give MSU Denver employees the opportunity to serve together on a variety of needs, including hunger, early childhood education, school and neighborhood refurbishment, supporting veterans and more. Students, faculty, staff and alumni can find new experiential learning opportunities, expand your community network and connect with each other, all to create a positive impact in our community.

MSU Denver faculty and staff will be given four hours of release time to participate and also are encouraged to volunteer together to team-build outside the office. Snacks and T-shirts will be provided for all participants. Morning and afternoon shifts are available.

The MSU Denver Staff Senate represents all classified, administrative and student staff within the University’s shared governance system. The MSU Denver Staff Senate fosters community and collaboration among all MSU Denver Staff by:

  • promoting inclusive leadership
  • providing a forum for issue-based and solution-focused dialogue
  • discussing issues that affect university staff
  • advancing institutional priorities
  • promoting employee welfare
  • sharing ideas
  • providing professional development opportunities
  • recognizing achievements
  • creating a sense of community among staff members

University staff can visit the public Staff Senate SharePoint site to access important information, including the Meeting and Events calendar, meeting agendas and minutes, governing documents and news. Permission to join the site is not required. Click here for instructions on how you can follow the Staff Senate SharePoint site and add meeting/event dates to your calendar. We will continue to update the SharePoint and streamline communication to ensure transparency and accessibility of relevant information.

The Family Literacy Program offers four comprehensive home- and school-based literacy programs designed to give at-risk children and their parents the educational and life proficiencies they need to be successful. For more information email Adriann Wycoff.

The Teaching and Learning with Technology Symposium (TLTS) is a collaborative venue to critically learn, discuss, and create. We aim to cultivate a regional network focused on creativity, equity, leadership, and the creation of artifacts that inspire, and positively shape, the future intersection of teaching, learning, and technology. For more info contact Alex McDaniel.

UPDATE: the 2020-21 TLTS is suspended due to COVID.

If you’re ready to quit using tobacco the Health Center at Auraria can connect you to tobacco cessation resources. Accessing the proper tools and support can increase your chances to become tobacco free. The Tobacco Cessation program is designed to tailor a program to your individual lifestyle and needs. If you have ever considered eliminating the use of tobacco in your life, now is the time to take advantage of this exclusive Auraria Campus service.

Combined with support coach services, tobacco cessation medications improve your chances of successfully eliminating tobacco usage. The Health Center at Auraria will pay for 100% of the cost of a medication for up to a three month supply, according to appropriate medical usage guidelines.

For more information, visit

The Tenure Track Supper Club provides tenure track faculty with the intellectual and structural tools to increase their capacity to earn tenure. The TTSC is voluntary and focuses on current junior faculty from underrepresented populations, who are between 1-5 years in their tenure track journey. Contact Chalane Lechuga for more info. 


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