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Faculty Accompanying Students to Professional Conferences & Events Program (FAS Program)


Due to cuts to the University budget, the Provost's Office is not funding the FAS Grant in academic year 2020-2021


To support faculty members accompanying students to a professional conference or other professional event (e.g. competition, research site to collect data), the Provost’s Office has allocated $40,000 for a new program. These funds may be used by full-time faculty to cover their transportation, registration, and lodging expenses, when accompanying students to a qualifying conference or event. Preference will be given to faculty who are accompanying students that have an active role (e.g. a student giving a conference presentation). For full details on the program, please review the criteria below. The maximum award is $1,200 per faculty member per academic year. Funds will be awarded until they are exhausted. To apply for conferences/events through June 30, 2020, please submit your application online using the link below. Applications are reviewed once a month. Responses from the Provost’s Office are sent to applicants monthly.

Maximum Award - $1,200 Annually

1. Faculty members must be accompanying student(s) to a professional conference or other professional event (e.g. competition, site to collect data)

2. Faculty must describe the role student(s) will play at the conference/event, providing details of their participation.

3. Preference will be given to faculty accompanying students who have an active role (e.g. student presentation made at the conference, student competing in a competition).

4.Faculty members must be full-time and comply with the Student Travel Advisor’s Roles and Responsibilities:

5. Faculty member must share outcomes and/or “lessons learned” from experience with departmental or other faculty groups.

6. Students must have secured their funding or be in-process at the time of the faculty member’s application. Please upload any appropriate travel or funding documents.

7. If human-subjects research is being presented, the faculty member must upload evidence of IRB approval with their application.


FAS Program Application Link - Click to apply today!


Please note, these funds are for faculty members. For student travel funding opportunities, please visit the MSU Denver Student Travel Program.

FAS Contact Information

Name: Dr. Meredith Flynn


Phone: 303-615-0421

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