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Do It Yourself Media Recording Guide

Below are some basic DIY media recording steps. At the bottom you will find links to help you with recording best practices and hardware recommendations, as well as answers to the most common questions faculty have about this.

Accessing YuJa

There are two ways to access Yuja:

  1. If you already have a course within Blackboard Accessing the YuJa Platform within your course is easy. Follow this link to learn how to add YuJa as a tool in your Blackboard shell as well as how to access YuJa itself.
  2. If you want to access YuJa, perhaps to record a video without utilizing Blackboard, please visit and choose ‘Metropolitan State University of Denver SSO’ from the Login dropdown menu. Then log in using your MSU Denver credentials.


Creating media directly with YuJa

Webcam and/or Screen Recording (Windows/PC user or Macintosh OS X user)

This method will record your screen and save the video directly into Yuja.


Uploading Already Existing Media to Yuja

To upload media you already have, log into with the SSO login option and following the instructions provided here:


Embedding or linking YuJa videos in Blackboard Learn

See the guide on how to embed or link an already existing YuJa video into a Blackboard Learn course.


Last thoughts

Sometimes it can be overwhelming to start recording a video in part because of some of the logistical barriers. For instance, these suggestions for Selecting Audio Equipment may help ease your mind. Keep in mind that Choosing a Recording Location is important. Here are Some Do's and Don'ts as well as how to Handle Mistakes and Redos. With these suggestions, you’ll be recording your own media in no time!

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