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Teams is a powerful collaboration tool that will allow you to run your online class very similarly to what you would do in your face-to-face classes. Here, you can create a “team” for your course and hold live video sessions for your students. These video sessions can stand in place of anything from lectures (with a virtual whiteboard, PowerPoint, and screen share capabilities) and assignment walkthroughs, to discussions and peer review, or even student presentations. You can also record any session and post it to your course for students who are unable to join live.

Note: To view this video in fullscreen mode open in a new tab.

Using Microsoft Teams

  1. Go to
  2. Click Email (Office 365)
  3. Login to your Microsoft Account (MSU Denver ID and Password)
  4. Click the App Launcher button in the upper left (this button looks like 9 little squares to the left of the word “Outlook”)
  5. If Teams isn't visible, Click All Apps
  6. Scroll down and click on Teams
  7. Click on the Calendar icon on the left-side menu
  8. Click Meet Now in the upper right
  9. Choose Options (i.e. slider to enable camera, slider to enable microphone, or devices)
  10. Click Join Now
  11. Click the button in the upper right that looks like a chain link to “Copy Join Info”
  12. Email the link to your students in your course (view the tutorial on sending email, if you need help with this.
    • Note: You can also type the email address in the “Invite Someone” text box in the upper right to invite a specific student

What the buttons on the screen mean:

  • Video Camera: Turn your video on or off
  • Microphone: Mute or unmute yourself
  • Share (Square with upward arrow): Share your screen
  • Three Dots: Other settings and options
  • Message Box: Opens the chat panel
  • Teams (two people): View participants in the meeting
  • Red Telephone: Hang-Up/End the meeting

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