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Thank you for registering for a CTLD training. Trainings can be accessed through the corresponding Blackboard training course, in which you will be autonomically enrolled before the session begins.

You will also receive a confirmation from a member of the CTLD Ready team confirming your registration.

Please note: If you signed up for the training/workshop 24 hours or more prior to the scheduled time, you will get an email the day before the session. If you signed up the same day of the workshop/training, you would receive a confirmation within the hour.

To access the virtual training, please follow the steps below.

  1. Login to Blackboard using your MSU credentials
  2. Find and select the course in which you have registered
    • NOTE: The course will be listed under the "Non-Banner" section in Blackboard
  3. Open the course
  4. Navigate to Content on the left-hand navigation bar
  5. Select Module 1
  6. Navigate to page 3 in Module 1, titled Virtual Training Access
  7. When it is time for the training to start, click the provided link to access our Microsoft Teams meeting

Please be aware that the link to the virtual training will only be active when it is the scheduled time for the training.

If you have any problems finding and accessing our virtual training inside the Blackboard course, please click here for virtual support.

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