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Did you know that Blackboard has an email tool built-in? This can be a great tool for keeping in touch with your students. Blackboard uses the MSU Denver email of each course user, so the emails will go to and from your university email and your students’ university emails. You could use this feature to send updates about the course or share important files that students will need including powerpoints, pdfs/readings, documents, worksheets/assignments, or links to websites and videos.

Note: To view this video in fullscreen mode open in a new tab.


  1. Click Send Email on the course menu to the left
  2. Choose who you want to send to, in this case All Users (this will send to all users in the course)
  3. Type a Subject
  4. Type your message (you can type here, or copy and paste from a document)
    • Note: You can also attach a file by clicking Attach a File below the message box and selecting a file from your computer
  5. Click Submit

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