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Course Accessibility Check-Ups and Audits

As part of our mission for instructional accessibility for all, the IAG offers opportunities to have your courses’ accessibility evaluated. The evaluation process is best suited for courses that have already been developed or revised with accessibility in mind. 

The process is as follow: 

  1. An accessibility expert will be assigned to your course
  2. All materials will be vetted for accessibility
  3. You will receive a detailed report and feedback
  4. You will also receive resources to remedy any identified concerns

Course Check-Ups:

Due to all Summer 2020 courses shifting to online/remote teaching, the IAG is offering Course Check-Ups for faculty to meet the needs of their students.

If you are interested in helping your students by improving the accessibility of your course,

complete the Course Accessibility Checkup Request Form.


Course Audits:

Course audits are for future courses (Fall 2020 or later), both online and in person. Course Audits have limited availability. 

Contact the IAG at for more information on how to get your course into the audit schedule.

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