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Welcome from the Instructional Accessibility Group

As part of the Center for Teaching, Learning and Design, the Instructional Accessibility Group strives to train and support faculty as they develop more inclusive styles of instruction and course design. 

Instructional Accessibility is the integration of the tenets of universal design and accessibility considerations into instructional designs, structure and technique. These considerations ensure that all instructional material is usable by all members of our campus community, regardless of ability level.

It is important that these tenets be adhered to prior to receiving any accommodation letters or requests. Students or community members should not have to prompt the need for time-sensitive accommodations, when we can provide them accessible materials from the start. Through a proactive and calculated approach, we can develop more inclusive and impactful instruction and meet our students where they are.


Start Here: 

Course accessibility can feel so overwhelming, it can be hard to find a place to start. We recommend beginning with our 5-3-1 Accessibility Goals. The 5-3-1 Goals provide beginner, intermediate, and advanced goals that provide an excellent starting point for improving your course content. Working through these goals will allow you to identify the areas in which we can provide the most support.

Accessibility Competency Certification Program

The Instructional Accessibility Group is proud to announce the debut of the Accessibility Competency Certification Program, a first-of-its-kind program for faculty, staff, and student staff. the Accessibility Competency Certification Program (ACCP) covers six key areas of accessibility through training,demostraction, and application. Successful completion of the training courese and the following assessment certify successful participants as competent in the realm of basic accessibility.

Accessibility Guides, Tutorials, and Reference Pages:

When looking for support with content guidelines, specific tasks, or general troubleshooting, start with our various guides and tutorials:

 If you would like to contact the Instructional Accessibility Group for additional support, please complete the Accessibility Support Request form.

Trainings, Workshops, and Individual Support

Please visit the CTLD Events & Workshops page to sign up for our scheduled trainings and workshops

For more detailed or personalized training, consider signing up for one of our various training or support sessions listed here. Below, you can sign up for :

  • Department Workshop: These sessions are for a department that would like a hands on workshop in a specific area.
  • Group Training: These sessions are for you and 5+ colleagues, who want training and support in a specific area. .
  • One on One Support: These sessions are designed to support faculty who are already familiar with accessibility and need specific or more complex accessibility support.

Course Check-Ups and Audits 

For faculty who have made strides in accessibility and would like for the IAG to evaluate their course material sign up for a Course Check-Up or request to enroll in the Semester Audit schedule 

  • Course Check-Ups: Sign up for a Course Check-Up and the IAG will evaluate the accessibility of your course and provide you a report about areas of improvement in your course. 
  • Course Accessibility Audit: A deeply detailed process that evaluates the accessibility of the course materials, as well as guidance to improve the accessibility of course materials.
    • Contact the IAG to express intrest in this process.

Contact Us:

For general questions, email the IAG at 


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