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Programs at the CTLD

The Center for Teaching, Learning and Design works to support faculty members through Faculty Learning Communities, Digital Measures Portfolio Support, and Instructional Accessibility Trainings. 

Faculty Learning Communities

Faculty Learning Communities, or FLCs, are small groups of faculty working on building skills and co-constructing knowledge in an area of shared interest. 



Instructional Accessibility

Instructional Accessibility support provides faculty and staff the training and information needed to enshrine accessibility into their courses and teaching practices. 

Digital Measures Support

Digital measures is an online tenure portfolio. The CTLD provides faculty with guidance and support in using the platform and working towards receiving tenure. 


Write It This Semester (WITS)

Write It This Semester, or WITS, is a weekly workshop held by the CTLD to help faculty improve their writing and scholarship to make the journey from practiced to published.

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