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Frequently Asked Questions




Central 103 Training Room Use

  • The main purpose of this room is to provide space for Center related workshops and meetings.
  • This room may be used for occasional meetings or trainings by faculty and staff and administrators of MSU Denver only, but not for regularly scheduled student classes or testing. Students must be accompanied by a faculty member.
  • Please make reservations at least two weeks in advance.
  • The room is available Monday through Friday during regular business hours (8:00AM - 5:00PM). If your meeting starts before 5:00PM and continues after 5:00PM, you are responsible for turning out the lights and shutting the door as you leave.
  • The room set up is for 24 people. There are 11 additional chairs around the room.
  • The room is a smart classroom equipped with a whiteboard and a projector. You must supply your own laptop.
  • For technical issues with the smart classroom, contact the HelpDesk via the phone located in the training room - (303) 352-7548
  • If you open the windows, be sure to close them to keep out squirrels and birds.
  • If you have food in the classroom, please deposit all trash into the trash receptacle before you leave.
  • Please return the furniture to its original configuration at the end of your meeting.
  • If you need to cancel or reschedule your meeting, contact Maggie Schaeffer as early as possible so that the room can be made available to someone else.

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  • Travel requests must be approved by the director of the CTLD.
  • Maggie Schaeffer will usually be able to put the registration for a conference on her corporate card. If not, she is the person who will contact someone else who may be able to help. You will receive a confirmation of your registration via email.
  • After registration is paid for, you will receive an email from Maggie with an attached TA. Some of the fields will be pre-populated. Fields that you’ll need to fill yourself include your personal information; your departure and return date/time (after you have made your flight arrangements); your airfare; and an estimate of your lodging expenses. Please note that if meals are included in the conference, we won’t be able to reimburse for those meals. Other meals, though, we will reimburse (up to the FOAP maximum) at the per diem rate. Once you’ve filled this information in, please print, have your department chair sign, and then bring it to the CFE director for a signature as account custodian. Maggie will then send the signed hard copy to the Travel Office. It is recommended that you keep a copy of the T.A. (an electronic copy or a hard copy, or both), since you’ll need to follow up with the same form after your travel.
  • For flight arrangements: Please contact Patti Noel at FROSCH Travel.  Be sure to take a look at the conference website for travel information and for conference start and end dates/times.  Maggie will provide the FOAP to you to use to cover flight costs.
  • Conference hotel information is usually on the conference website. We ask that you make the reservation using your personal credit card and that you pay for the hotel at the end of the stay on that same card.
  • Please allow at least two weeks for travel reimbursements via ACH.
  • Employees will have their travel and other Accounts Payable reimbursements sent directly to their checking or savings account. This process is similar to the direct deposit process for payroll; however, it is for Accounts Payable reimbursements only. Enrolling is simple and allows you to provide your bank account and routing numbers in a secure environment on the Metro website. Reimbursements will be faster and safer.

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Food Purchases for workshops or meetings or events

  • Food cannot be purchased/reimbursed for regularly scheduled meetings.
  • Occasionally, a meal or refreshments may be ordered with prior permission from the CTLD director received at least three weeks in advance.
  • Under no condition can food be charged to the CTLD at the Faculty Staff Club. We do not “run a tab” there.
  • After the event your original itemized receipts must be returned to the Center administrative assistant for processing along with a complete list of attendees.
  • If the Center is purchasing food, the caterer chosen will depend on current approved caterers and existing purchase orders.
  • Reimbursement is requested via check request and may take between two to three weeks to process.
  • There is no circumstance where alcohol purchases will be approved for order or reimbursement.
  • The MSU Denver sales tax number must be used because tax will not be reimbursed. The tax exemption certificate may be requested from the Center admin or director.

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Salary Supplements


Content forthcoming. New rules are in place.

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Other Forms

  1. If you are facilitating a Faculty Learning Community or a workshop sponsored by the CTLD, please complete this Participant Information Form and return it to
  2. If you would like for the CTLD to cosponsor a workshop or an event or travel, please complete this Funding Application and submit it to

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