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Classified Staff President Candidates


Metza Templeton

I am Metza Templeton and I am running for Classified Staff Council President.  I look forward to using the connections I have developed over the ten years I have been at MSU Denver to advocate for the classified staff.  I am a MSU Denver Alumnus. I have worked in the Registrar’s Office in various positions since 2006. I have been active on the Classified Staff Council (CSC) since 2006. I currently serve as the vice?president and have also served as Secretary. 

I am currently serving on the following committees as a classified staff representative:

  • Steering Committee for the Higher Education Learning Commission Accreditation Visit scheduled for April 2017.
  • Distinguished Service Selection Committee Chair 2016.
  • Classified Perspectives Committee
  • Staff Advocacy and Mentoring Committee
  • By?Laws Committee
  • Scholarship Committee
  • Equity in Excellence Steering Committee
  • Classified Staff Representative to the Alumni Association Board of Directors
  • Statewide Classified Liaison Council
  • Assembly for Process Transformation (APT)
  • International Group

Past activities include, Success Coach, MetroLeads, Diversity Committee, Colorado WINS board of directors, School of Social Work review committee. 

I closely watch the legislature and can update anyone on issues affecting Classified Staff.  I am very familiar with the Classified Staff Handbook and the Board rules from the Department of Personnel Administration.


John Wiltsie

Originally hired in 1997 working at Department of Revenue, I have held a myriad of different positions throughout the State Classified system. My current role is an Admin Assistant III in the University Advancement Office, in Alumni and Annual Giving. I was Secretary for the Classified Staff Council for three years, and am currently President of Classified Staff Council. Not only am I resilient and true to my word, I put forth the most effort on all my duties and try to make the goal come to fruition. I am a graduate of MSU Denver (2009) and enjoy that I work for my alma?mater.


Vice President Candidates

Brett Haselton

I have been a Classified employee at MSUDenver for almost 15 years. !! of which I have been involved in the Classified Staff Council. I have served as secretary, vice president and also President. The last several years I have been lax in serving due to both personal and professional issues. However, I am ready to return to the council. I feel that I can bring a plethora of knowledge to the position as well as an understanding of the history of CSC at MSUDenver.  This experience will allow me to assist the President in defining what needs to happen for the future of Classified Staff at MSUDenver and hopefully making a few of those things come to fruition.  


Secretary Candidates

Cathy Reddy 

I’ve been a classified state employee for 10 years all here at MSUDenver and an active member of the council for the entire 10 years.  I’ve served 2 years as council President and an additional 3 years as Treasurer and Event Coordinator.  I’m an active member of Colorado Wins since 2009 and have worked 1st hand with the organization on lobbying for the 2% salary survey increase, merit pay and lower health costs.  Throughout the 10 years as serving and attending the CSC meetings, I have witnessed the improving of communications as a whole with the different offices on campus; this is reflective of all the different committees that classified staff serve on.


Treasurer Candidates

Debora Martin

Debora Martin began her career at Metropolitan State University of Denver in 1980. She worked in Accounting and Human Resources, before joining the Department of Human Services in office management. With more than 35 years at the university, she has seen huge changes in everything from student programs and diversity, to the number of buildings on campus to Denver itself. “The most rewarding experience at MSU Denver has been helping students achieve their goal of graduation,” she said. However, as much as she enjoys it, she is looking forward to retiring soon. She plans to move to a warmer climate and raise tortoises. “I’ve always loved turtles, and I hope to raise either African spurred tortoises or red footed tortoises from Brazil. I’ve had both, but Colorado isn’t an ideal climate for them,” she said.  I have been Treasurer of the CSC for approximately 8-10 years in the past.

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