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Transfer Course Evaluations

Computer Science Transfer Courses

After MSU Denver receives a transfer students' official transcripts from other institutions, the MSU Denver Transcript Evaluators make the determination as to how the courses taken elsewhere will transfer in. In some cases, they need to have the experts within the Department of Computer Sciences (the math and computer science faculty who teach the courses and create the curriculum) perform the evaluation. Additionally. they must send to us courses that students wish to have evaluated for the Quantitative Literacy designation for General Studies (the exception being gtPathways courses taken at other Colorado institutions).

Who should submit a request for a transfer course evaluation?

If the Office of Transfer Services has sent you to the Department of Computer Sciences for transfer course evaluations, please follow the instructions detailed below.

Who should NOT submit a request for a transfer course evaluation?

If you are a new transfer student whose transcripts have not yet been evaluated by the Office of Transfer Services, you will receive your evaluation once it is complete (see here) and should not request transfer course evaluations at this time. If you are wondering how your courses taken at other Colorado institutions might transfer in, see here. If your transcripts from another institution are pending evaluation, or have not yet been received by Transfer Services, and you want to register for a class for which the prerequisite is met by a transfer course, please send your unofficial transcripts and request for an override to Computer Sciences Advisors

How do I submit a request for a transfer course evaluation? 

In order to have your transfer course(s) evaluated by the Department of Computer Sciences, please submit the following to

  • transfer course approval form [must be digitally filled in through an Adobe product, such as Acrobat or Reader, and not a web browser; scanned documents or images will not be accepted; please download this form and electronically complete your part in this fillable “transfer course approval form,” one for EACH course; “SAVE” (or “SAVE as”) and then email the fillable form(s); do NOT “PRINT” this form in Adobe product],
  • a course description,
  • unofficial transcripts,
  • and, preferably, for an accurate assessment, a detailed course syllabus.

Note that incomplete requests cannot be considered until all required documents are received.

Transfer course evaluations are done in the order in which complete requests are received; please have patience when waiting for a reply.

My transfer course transferred in as CS 8000 or 9000 - what does that mean? 

When a transfer course does not have an equivalent course at MSU Denver, a lower division course will be given the number 8000 and an upper division course will be given the number 9000 (with the appropriate prefix, MTH or CS). Please see a CS faculty advisor to discuss how such a course might apply to your degree. 


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