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**Students should familiarize themselves with the basic requirements for all degree programs within the university as well as the specific requirements for their declared major.  Be sure that you are in your declared catalog when reviewing all of the requirements for your degree.**

Please contact the Computer Science Academic Advisor & Retention Specialist

Bobbi Scherman at

You should declare your major/concentration at least by the time you have finished the basic core requirements (15 credit hours) and you absolutely must do this by the time you have completed 60 credit hours toward the degree.

Course Description Be sure you are in the current catalog.


General Studies Requirements for all degrees.  Be sure that you are in the declared catalog for your degree program.


Class Schedules and Academic Calendar



  • In order for courses from another institution to satisfy a requirement for the major, the content must be equivalent to the MSU Denver course.
  • You must meet all the requirements for the program based on all courses taken both at other institutions and at MSU Denver.
  • You must complete at least eight hours of upper-division courses in your major and three hours of upper-division courses in your minor at MSU Denver.
  • You must complete either a minimum of 30 semester hours of academic credit applicable to the degree at MSU Denver including the last 12 semester hours 


   complete a minimum of 45 semester hours applicable to the degree at MSU Denver.


Transfer Course Equivalency

Transfer Questions?

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