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Computer Engineering (CPE)

The Computer Engineering (CPE) program offers the Bachelor of Science degree major.

The Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering is a discipline with historical foundations in computer science and electrical engineering. It is concerned with the study of a variety of topics including circuit design, programmable logic, computer design, computer programming, data communication, machine intelligence, robotics, the algorithmic solutions of problems, and the various representations of information including numeric, alphabetic, visual, audio and sensory. In the modern society, the Computer Engineering discipline will also deal with secure computing in Web info1mation, space and industry systems. This discipline deals with effective ways to represent and manipulate information, algorithms to process information, hardware systems and technologies to run software, design methodologies for hardware and software systems, and engineering techniques for ensuring the accuracy and cost effectiveness of these processes.

Students majoring in Computer Engineering must meet the following curriculum and are required to complete all General Studies courses, program pre-requisite courses, elective courses and core courses with a grade required for graduation. Technical elective courses must be approved by the program coordinator or department chair. Students who are considering a major in Computer Engineering are expected to consult with CPE faculty for advising.

Students are encouraged to enroll in an internship/cooperative education program through the University’s Applied Learning Center to gain valuable work experience.

For every computer engineering course, a minimum grade of “C” is required for all prerequisites before a student can progress, A full-time student may complete the program in four years (eight semesters).



The most current course description is available in the current academic year's Catalog. CPE first appears in the Fall 2017-Spring 2018 Catalog.

The courses you are required to take for degree completion varies by your catalog year. Your catalog year is determined by the semester of acceptance at MSU Denver. For example if you are admitted for fall semester, your catalog year is of that fall semester.  If you do not take classes for three consecutive terms, including summer, you must reapply to the university and your catalog year will defer to the academic year you are readmitted. Degree requirements are available in the University Catalog and the link above has online versions of each academic year's catalog going back to 1999.

Program Requirements

  • Any course identified in the CPE major must be passed with a grade of “C” or better.
  • CPE majors must comply with all University General Studies requirements.
  • This is an extended major, therefore a minor is not required to fulfill the degree requirements.
  • Students may refer to program flowchart or consult with an advisor for degree planning.

General Studies Requirements (24 Credits)

  • Written Communication: 6 credits
  • Oral Communication: 3 credits
  • Arts & Humanities: 6 credits
  • History: 3 credits
  • Social and Behavioral Sciences: 6 credits

Program Prerequisites (31 credits)

Upper Division Electives (At Least 6 Credits Required)

Please see the department advisor for approval of upper division electives.


*Selecting any General Studies course approved for Multicultural credit will satisfy the Multicultural requirement of three credits. Selecting any General Studies course approved for Global Diversity credit will satisfy the Global Diversity requirement of three credits.

*CPE 4700 & 4800 are Senior Experience courses.

*Some courses require prerequisites from outside CP E courses. Check with the Department for more information please.

Program Total for Computer Engineering: 128

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