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Welcome to the Computer Engineering (CPE) homepage.

The Computer Engineering (CPE) program offers the Bachelor of Science degree major.


A multi-disciplinary major created to support a workforce initiative for the Construction Industries. A Minor is required. (Minors may not include those with the following prefixes: ACC, CIS, FIN, MKT, MGT) Students should consult with an advisor prior to selecting their minor. Recommended minors are- Architecture, Industrial Design, Mechanical Engineering Technology, Computer Science, Environmental Studies, Leadership Studies and Spanish.

Students with a completed U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) Office of Apprenticeship (OA) four-year Registered Construction Trades Apprenticeship and journeyman's credentials are awarded a block of 30 lower division semester credits that may be used in lieu of the required minor.

Apprenticeship credits are only applicable for the CPM major and may not be utilized in any other way at MSU Denver.

Please contact Lin Huang, with any questions ro for maore information.


Computer Engineering is a seperate degree program from Computer Science. To learn more about Computer Science or classes offered by that department plase visit their home page

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