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Personal Growth Videos

There are thousands of educational/self-help videos on the market, all designed to motivate others to change beliefs and behaviors. We have selected a few by experts in the field who connect easily to college students and whose messages are inspirational and facilitative of success.

Your Body Language May Shape Who You Are | Amy Cuddy

This video encourages participants to examine body postures that do impact the messages we are trying to convey. Some of these body postures may be unconscious and we are challenged to pay closer attention to what our body language communicates.

The Power of Vulnerability | Brené Brown

This video provides a stimulating conversation about our narratives and perceptions that impact our outlook and overall views of ourselves and factors that encourage or inhibit connection with others.

Listening to Shame | Brené Brown

This video illustrates the profound impact that shame has on people’s lives and provides simple steps for breaking down this vicious cycle that interferes with progress and productivity.

Psychological Wellness: What has happened to our understanding of mental health? | Dr. Nancy McWilliams

This Master Therapist addresses the topic of “ Psychological Wellness” and the importance of including psychological health concepts and attributes in mental health as opposed to focusing on mental disorders only.

Guided Imagery

This resource provides some of the basic steps to getting started with meditation and mindfulness. It illustrates breathing techniques to assist with a variety of life situations.

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