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Mental Health Apps

More and more individuals are using Apps as the digital options on electronic devices increase. There are thousands of Apps on the market today and we have selected a small handful that can assist with stress management, mindfulness, sleep quality, and motivation.


Allows the individual to select focused areas such as Sleep, Stress, and Anxiety. Ideal for meditation and mindfulness. 


Ideal for stress reduction and to help with quality sleep.

Virtual HopeBox

Provides options for inspiration, relaxation, distractions and coping tools

Stop, Breathe, and Think

This App encourages individuals to pause and reflect on thoughts and feelings. It provides a variety of activities to help with mindfulness as well a means for tracking individual progress.

Life Armor 

This App provides a wide variety of educational information on mental health issues such as substance abuse, depression, anger, life stress, sleep, and work adjustment to name a few. There are options for self-assessment, videos that help illustrate the concepts and tools for managing the stressors.


This App provides information on the signs of overdose or overmedication; supportive breathing techniques; explains how to administer Naloxone; and guides one on monitoring and individual's response.


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