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Travel Training

Accounting Services is implementing a new way of taking the Travel training that we hope will offer more flexibility. Please read the Travel Guide located in the Accounting Services User Guides Section and then answer a few short questions. Your answers indicate your understanding of your responsibilities, and help us understand where additional training is necessary. Once you complete the questions they will be forwarded to the Systems & Training Accountant who will contact you with directions on how to proceed. Thank you for using our new online training.


Travel Training

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1. True or False: You have 59 days to make payment on the outstanding balance of your travel card instead of the usual 30 days on most cards.


2. True or False: The charges incurred on this card will affect the individual cardholder's personal credit history.


3. True or False: It is not required to use the Travel Card when renting a vehicle.


4. True or False: Receipts are required for food purchases.


5. Identify the employee(s) that must sign on the bottom of the Mileage Form or the Travel Authorization Form.


6. List the State-Approved Travel Agency.


7. Can you book airfare through an Internet retailer (e.g. Kayak, Travelocity, Orbitz, etc)? What do you need to do before purchasing airfare through an Internet retailer?


8. True or False: Ground transportation to and from an airport is an allowable incidental expense.


9. True or False: The cardholder pays US Bank for any outstanding balances on their Travel Card.


10. True or False: You may claim the $5 incidental allowance for each day you are in travel status.


11. True or False: You do not need to submit an itemized hotel bill showing a $0 balance to the Travel Coordinator in order for your Travel Authorization Form to be processed.


12. Please type in the MSU Denver web address where you can find the most up-to-date Travel Forms and Resources.


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