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Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC)

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Opening Statement

Corporate Card Test

Check All that Apply:
If cardholder, please list re-allocators name
If cardholder, please list approving officials name.
If Re-allocator or Approving official please list cardholders name

1. When are signed statements and supporting documentation due to accounting services?

e) None of the above.


2. Who must take the Corporate Card training?


3. Which items do you need an itemized receipt for?


4. True or False: The cardholder may allow one of their co-workers to borrow their card as long as the purchase is for official state business and is otherwise appropriate.



5. True or False: a Cardholder can be their own Re-allocator?


6. True or False: a Cardholder can be their own Approving Official?


7. How much can you spend with any one vendor in any one fiscal year on the Corporate Card before having to get approval from Accounting Services?


8. True or False: you are required to create an SPO before making purchases on the Corporate Card?


9. Who is responsible for reviewing the Corporate Card purchases to ensure they are appropriate, necessary, and in line with the departmental mission?


10. Who in your department must sign off on the Corporate Card application to APPROVE that the card should be issued?

11. What must you do in the event the card is lost or stolen?

12. True or False: The Re-allocator must wait until the cycle closes before they can begin reallocating transactions.


13. True or False: A preapproved official function form is required for food or beverage purchases on the Corporate Card.


14. The cycle date runs from the:


15. Your statement can be printed no sooner than:

The 21st 


16. Who must approve phones, PDA's, telecommunication devices, and related accessories BEFORE purchase?

17. Who must sign the Statement if there is a split purchase processed by the vendor to avoid cardholder controls?


Purchasing Training


* = Required Field

Check All that Apply*:



List Cardholders Name


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1. True or False: You may purchase furniture from any vendor you please.

2. True or False: If a vendor is listed on the State Award List with a Mandatory award, you must use that vendor even if you can find the items cheaper somewhere else.

3. Who needs to review purchasing terms, credit references, or license agreements?

4. Who can approve and sign for invoices within their department authorizing payment?

5. What factors determine total cost for the items you are purchasing?

6. True or False: The limit for Corporate Card charges is $5,000.00 per vendor, per fiscal year, per fund/org combination.

7. True or False: Once the department spends more than $500.00 per vendor, per fiscal year, a SPO is required.

8. When can a Check Request be used for any dollar amount?

9. Who creates Special Purchase Orders?

B) Your Department


10. What is the maximum amount for a Special Purchase Order?

11. True or False: A department can approve contracts.

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