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Sponsored Project Accounting and Compliance (SPAC)

Sponsored Project Accounting and Compliance (SPAC) provides support to the University in administering sponsored projects.  Sponsored projects can be research, instruction or public service involving funding from an outside source under a legal arrangement.  SPAC works closely with the Office of Sponsored Research and Programs(OSRP).

SPAC assists the Principal Investigators with the oversight of the finance and regulatory administration of grants and contracts.  We interpret policies of private and government funding agencies to ensure that expenditures adhere to regulations and guidelines. We implement MSU Denver procedures related to grants and contracts post-award management.

We also complete Federal Financial Reports, sub-recipient monitoring, billings, reimbursement draws, audit responses, and Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act reporting.

MSU Denver is an enterprise of the state of Colorado.  We are primarily self-supporting and receive the majority of our funding from tuition.  As such, our accounting practices follows Governmental Accounting Standards Board(GASB).

To begin the financial management of your award, Banner access is required.  First, establish Banner Account. Once a Banner account has been created, you must request access to Banner Finance using the Banner Finance Security Request Form.

The information below is to assist you in the financial management of your award.

Frequently Asked Questions

SPAC Forms and Resources

Principal Investigator Super Circular Training

To being the Principal Investigator (PI) Super Circular training, click the link below. Please use Internet Explorer while viewing this training.

PI Super Circular Training

Banner Finance Manual

This is intended to help train staff and faculty how to navigate Banner Finance. This manual helps the user understand a FOAPAL (the accounting codes) and it identifies helpful screens (forms). In addition, this manual provides detailed information to assist the end user when reading the Banner screens and reports – to help them understand the details of their payments and other activity in Banner.

Use this form to obtain or remove access to Banner forms and reporting. Needs to be completed before your award can be created in the Accounting System and before you can begin spending your award.

Federal Grant Procurement Standard Notice

OMB Uniform Guidance-Notice of the Federal Grant Procurement Standard

Human Resources

Employee forms, policies, guidance, and resources.

Office of sponsored Research and Programs

Resources to assist in obtaining awards.

Signatory Authorization Form

This is used anytime the primary signer, alternate signer or administrative point of contact changes for a particular FOAPAL. It is important to keep this information updated to keep the payment process efficient.  Also submit this form, along with the Banner Chart of Accounts Form, when requesting a new fund or org.

Travel & Accounts Payable

Forms and guidance while traveling or purchasing.

Manager Contact

Chali Pringle-North

Chali Pringle-North

Sponsored Project Accounting and Compliance Manager

Manages the Grant/Loan Accountant and the Compliance Officer; Manages all Grant and Contract post award activities; Provides fiscal support to all Principal Investigators.

[email protected] (303) 615-7131 Directory Profile