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Accounts Payable (A/P) & Travel

Office of the Controller


Welcome to MSU Denver's Accounts Payable & Travel webpage.

Accounts Payable is the department responsible for paying the University’s financial obligations.  Additionally, you will find everything you need to successfully travel on behalf of MSU Denver, be it a semester studying abroad, or paying for parking.

You can access Chrome Rivere here:

The links below are for the downloadable documents that relate to Accounts Payable, Travel, and the Amazon Business Account. To view these sections, select the buttons below or scroll down. We have also provided a link to our Tax Corner, which will provide you with all of the information relating to tax policies, certificates, rates, & more.

Accounts Payable Downloadable Documents

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  • The Purchasing Manual is intended to help MSU Denver staff and faculty determine the rules associated with buying. This guide provides basic information about purchasing processes, encumbrance requirements (PO or SPO), vendor agreements, state awards, and official functions. Information regarding illegal purchases, restrictions, and documentation requirements is also provided.
  • The Banner Finance Manual is intended to help train staff and faculty how to navigate Banner Finance. This manual helps the user understand a FOAPAL (the accounting codes) and it identifies helpful screens (forms). In addition, this manual provides detailed information to assist the end user when reading the Banner screens and reports - to help them understand the details of their payments and other activity in Banner.

  • The Purchase Order Terms & Conditions is a copy of the terms and conditions, applicable to all MSU Denver purchase orders and special purchase orders.
  • The Purhcase Requisition Forms are used when requesting a purchase order for purchases in excess of $10,000/yr.  The completed form must be submitted to Procurement and Distribution Services at AHEC.  Purchases are not approved until a purchase order is received from AHEC and entered into Banner.
  • The Special Purchase Order Form is a blank SPO form, for purchases up to and including $10,000.  A department may use this form to request an SPO, using one of their assigned SPO numbers.  Completed SPO forms are submitted, via email, to Accounts Payable. Purchases are not approved until the SPO is entered into Banner.
  • The AHEC Sole Source Form must be completed and submitted to AHEC when a department needs to make a large purchase, but they cannot go out to bid because there is only one specific product/service which can meet their needs and only one vendor who can provide it.
  • The SPO Flowchart provides information about the workflow when establishing a special purchase order.

  • The Signatory Authorization Form is used anytime the primary signor, alternate signer or administrative point of contact changes for a particular FOAPAL. It is important to keep this information updated to keep the payment process efficient.  Also submit this form, along with the Banner Chart of Accounts Form, when requesting a new fund or org.

Vendors should be sending their invoices directly to Accounts Payable.

  • The New Vendor Packet is used when you are securing the services of a new vendor - but you are not using the Personal Services Agreement packet.  This packet contains the ACH enrollment form and the W-9 form.  The W-9 form is mandatory for all new vendors.  The ACH enrollment is strongly encouraged, to facilitate quicker payments, but it is not mandatory. Additionally, please review our.
  • The ACH Enrollment Form is to be sent to any vendors who would like to sign up for electronic payments.  The ACH enrollment is strongly encouraged, to facilitate quicker payments, but it is not mandatory.  ACH payments are processed daily, but the University processes only one check run a week.
  • The W9 Form - Domestic Vendors (blank) is a mandatory form for all new vendors.  This form may also be used if a vendor has changed their name or their tax status.
  • The Check Request Form is used to request payments for $100 or less or for employee reimbursements up to $500 total.  The check request may be any dollar amount for dues, memberships, subscriptions; for financial aid/tuition assistance; for postage, freight, or delivery charges.
  • The Frequently Used Account Codes is a searchable, easy-to-use spreadsheet to assist you with finding the most commonly used account codes for your department’s expenses. For a full listing of account codes you must search in Banner Finance.
  • The Manadatory Award Matrix will assist you with identifying which vendors have received a mandatory award.  You should review this matrix prior to making a purchase.  EX: Office Depot/Office Max is the mandatory award vendor for office supplies, so all office supplies should be purchased from them.

NonEmployee Personal Services

Please use the forms below to learn about our Nonemployee Personal Services process. Pressing a button will download a PDF document. Take some time and review the submission instructions before downloading a packet. 

Trainings regarding this procedural update will be held on December 5th @ 11:00am and December 12th @ 1:00pm in SSB 304. 


An honorarium is a gratuitous payment in recognition of a service relating to academic activity for which no fee has been set or agreed upon in advance. Honorariums are taxable income and may not be used in lieu of a salary. 



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Travel Forms

Below you'll find the forms necessary for all common travel expenses while traveling on behalf of MSU Denver.

  • Travel Authorization
    • This form is used to obtain prior authorization for travel, to request a travel advance, and to request prepayments for registration or other travel expenses.  This is also the form to be used for finalizing travel and requesting travel reimbursement.
  • Non-Employee Reimbursement Form
    • This form is used to reimburse non-MSU Denver visitors for their travel expenses.  Reimbursement may include per diem, lodging, travel, or other necessary expenses.  Common usage is to reimburse job candidates or visiting speakers. 
Study Abroad

Below you'll find the forms and trainings necessary to successfully complete a study abroad trip at MSU Denver.

  • International Payments - Wire Transfer Packet
    • Revised 02/2016. This Wire Packet contains a form to request an international wire transfer, payable to foreign vendors, with detailed instructions.
  • Money-IN, Money-OUT Checklist
    • This is a helpful guide to help you manage your program’s money.  This guide summarizes the steps you must take to manage your money when bringing it in and when paying out your expenses for your study abroad program.
  • Study Abroad Workshop
    • Click here to begin our Training workshop for Study Abroad.

Below is the form used when applying for professional development funding from the School of Letters, Arts, and Sciences at MSU Denver.

LAS Travel Request Form

Note: This form is used for LAS tenured, and tenure-track faculty ONLY. 


Amazon Business Accounts

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We are excited to announce that Metropolitan State University of Denver has partnered with Amazon Business for Education.  We have created a centralized Amazon Business for Education account that will make it easier for you to purchase on, using your University Corporate Credit card.  Due to this new partnership, we will no longer allow personal reimbursements for purchases from

Through your AmazonBusiness account you will have immediate access to: 

  • Free Two‐Day Shipping on qualifying orders over $49
  • Business pricing and quantity discounts on millions of select items
  • Business‐optimized search and browse functionality
  • Enhanced reporting & reconciliation
  • Access to a specialized business‐only Customer Service team at (866) 486-2360
  • Automatic tax exempt purchasing on items sold by LLC and by participating third-party sellers
  • Easy shipment tracking and purchase reporting 

Note the following required by Metropolitan State University of Denver:

  • All Amazon Prime accounts currently associated with the University will be closed.  You will receive an email from Amazon explaining how to migrate your Amazon Prime account to the University’s main account.
  • The email linked with your new Amazon Business account must be an MSU Denver email address and your shipping address must be a campus (or satellite campus) address.
  • Your account must be linked to a University (individual or departmental) Corporate Card.   Personal credit cards are not allowed.
  • Personal Amazon accounts:  campus email addresses must be removed from personal Amazon accounts. You must change your personal Amazon account to a personal email address on the Amazon website.  If you neglect to make this change – BEFORE signing up for the new Amazon Business Education account ‐  your personal purchases will be comingled with the university’s purchase history.  Your personal purchases will then be subject to open records requests, general public viewing, and news agencies.  This may also leave you personally subject to audit, if the sales tax exemption is inadvertently applied to your personal purchases.
  • Mandatory Award Vendors must still be used.  Do not purchase items from,, which are awarded to mandatory vendors.  Before buying, please review the Mandatory Award Matrix.

Beginning on April 17, 2017, all Amazon accounts and purchases must be consolidated to the centralized Metropolitan State University of Denver Amazon Business account. If you are unsure of how to activate your account or use Amazon Business, please see the Amazon MSU Denver Registration and Buyers Guide.

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