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Travel Forms and Study Abroad

Travel Forms

Below you’ll find the forms necessary for all common travel expenses while traveling on behalf of MSU Denver.

  • Travel FlowChart
    • This overview will take you through the Travel process, from start to finish.
  • Non-Employee Reimbursement Form
    • This form is used to reimburse non-MSU Denver visitors for their travel expenses.  Reimbursement may include per diem, lodging, travel, or other necessary expenses.  Common usage is to reimburse job candidates or visiting speakers.

Study Abroad

Below you’ll find the forms and trainings necessary to successfully complete a study abroad trip at MSU Denver.

  • International Payments – Wire Transfer Packet
    • Revised 02/2016. This Wire Packet contains a form to request an international wire transfer, payable to foreign vendors, with detailed instructions.
  • Money-IN, Money-OUT Checklist
    • This is a helpful guide to help you manage your program’s money.  This guide summarizes the steps you must take to manage your money when bringing it in and when paying out your expenses for your study abroad program.
  • Study Abroad Workshop
    • Click here to begin our Training workshop for Study Abroad.